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ravvlet 08-07-2019 01:44 PM

Microchipping Problems?
Just looking for microchipping reassurance as our little guy seems pretty unhappy after his procedure, story follows!

So we have a broken screen door in our condo in the room the bird is in (it shuts, but the lock doesnít engage). We are in Seattle and thereís been a crazy heat wave and no one has air conditioning so keeping the glass door shut isnít much of an option, and there isnít really another room to put him in that isnít a bedroom or the kitchen. We put a gate in front of it so the kids canít reach it.

To be extra safe, we decided to get him microchipped since he is not banded and if he gets out we wouldnít be able to ID him. This summer in particular has been crazy with lost and found birds due to the weather! We did it yesterday afternoon and it was hard to watch, and Iím not even phobic of needles! Heís a very little guy (4mo old and 71 g) and thatís a BIG THING to put in him. The vet used a local anesthetic and discharged us with out any particular instructions. She sealed the wound with silver nitrate and he seemed happy enough on the way home and was his usual loud self until his bedtime.

However, Heís been very quiet and mopey this morning. He did beep for his breakfast but then was alarmingly silent, and also we woke up really late (9am) and he did not make his usual protesting ruckus.

We called the vet and they said this is normal, but if heís not back to his usual self by Friday to call and theyíd see him Saturday.

Anyone else have experience with microchipping? Is this normal? I assume he must be pretty sore, and that flying and kicking up a fuss irritates his boo boo. Thanks in advance for any feedback, I should probably just enjoy the quiet while it lasts but I canít help but worry!

Talven 08-07-2019 05:36 PM

Re: Microchipping Problems?
For such a little bird that is like major surgery for a person. It's going to take some time to stop hurting and replenish what was lost having the microchip implanted. I've not had any bird chipped but I have had my cats and dogs done over the years. It's not a small thing for a bird to have stuck in them. Personally I'd rather use these but they are easy enough to remove I guess.

Just keep your bird confined for a couple of days and keep an eye on him. Rest is probably the best thing for him at the moment.

AmyMyBlueFront 08-07-2019 07:44 PM

Re: Microchipping Problems?
OMG the poor little guy!:eek::31: At 70g's that's awful tiny for such a procedure. My guy weighs in at 92g's ( just weighed him now) and I can't imagine him going thru that. So....he prolly is hurting somewhat. Did his doc offer/give him any pain meds? If he is eating and drinking like usual just keep an eye on him. If you notice he still hasen't perked up I'd get in touch with his doc. good Luck!!!


ParrontMitch 08-07-2019 09:04 PM

Re: Microchipping Problems?
I am no expert, but my fully grown rose breasted cockatoo was quite tired and pouty after she was microchipped, so I would assume it isnít unusual for him to feel icky for a few days. I hope he feels better soon!! :(

SailBoat 08-08-2019 11:53 AM

Re: Microchipping Problems?
Likely your Parrot is feeling better today.

Microchipping a young, small Parrot has its risks and IMHO your Parrot was a bit young. And, to that point, I'm not overly surprised that s/he is sleepy.
If your Parrot is still not up to par, connect your Vet.

FYI: Fixing the lock on a screen door is a very simple DYI project and requires little more than a new door handle or lock assembly and a phillips screw driver. Take a photo of the inside and outside of the door handle / lock assemble and visit your local Hardware /Big Box store. Or, it could be as simple as adjustment of the latch(s) on the door frame.

ravvlet 08-08-2019 08:59 PM

Re: Microchipping Problems?
We are renting our unit, and the lock assembly is such that the entire door needs to be replaced. The company the management contracts out ordered a replacement and it came in damaged... at which point they were supposed to order another door but didn’t. We are in the extremely arduous process of getting them to actually do anything about it. In fact, the bent screen door is currently taking up a ridiculous amount of space in my hallway because Home Depot still hasn’t sent anyone to pick it up.

We had him chipped on the veterinarian’s recommendation. I didn’t know that it would be such an intense procedure. The staff acted as if it was very simple, safe and routine. He is acting fine now, but we are certainly keeping an eye on him.

Edited to add: We had always intended on chipping him as accidents happen and he is mostly flighted, and we didn’t plan on clipping in the future. The door issue made it a little more immediate, but the info I could find online was conflicting (BirdTricks has a post that says birds as small as 60g can be chipped safely) so I honestly did not know his age and/or size would be an issue - as I said our vet was comfortable with it. I had been given to understand that leg bands, since they can get caught on things etc, were somehow less safe?

SailBoat 08-09-2019 06:54 AM

Re: Microchipping Problems?
Hmmm, I was not aware that Home Depot had a pick-up /delivery service. In the past, it had been handled by the installing contractor. Learn something new everyday.

ravvlet 08-09-2019 06:45 PM

Re: Microchipping Problems?
Me either, but when I called they said they’d have their special order person contact me, which didn’t happen haha. It’s definitely got tags with the Home Depot logo and info on them! Not sure how that worked honestly.

Cricket is doing great. In the future if we ever end up with another bird I will definitely wait to chip until they are older or over 100g. :( sorry!

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