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Old 02-08-2020, 12:53 AM
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Help! I think I might have hurt my cockatiel

So I came back from taking a shower I just got a cockatiel a couple of days ago and I see that is cage door is open. Hes standing on the floor. I panic and I know hes untamed so I grab a towel and try to cover him but he runs around until I finally pick him up. I'm shaking as I put him in his cage and hes staying in the corner and curled up I'm worried I could have hurt him. Its bedtime for him so he starts sleeping on the bottom of the cage. Hes was chattering and now hes silent I'm worried he might die. I just got him hes my first bird and first pet and I'm already so attached I need advice please.
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Old 02-08-2020, 05:13 AM
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Re: Help! I think I might have hurt my cockatiel

Don't panic. Towelling is never a good thing to do as they get so frightened. Only use it as a last resort and then very carefully. As long as your bird is safe and not about to go out of a window or door and get lost then take your time. As it is being on the floor of the cage is not a good sign so I hope by now he is back up on a perch and looking better.

If things don't look ok then you need an avian vet - not an ordinary vet - asap. Otherwise you have lost any trust you might have had so it will be a case of going right back to the beginning and talking gently and hand feeding the odd treat if and when your little one comes anywhere near you. Don 't worry, we all make mistakes in the beginning and you have done absolutely the right thing by coming here and getting advice. Others will be along shortly with more really good advice and recommendations for articles for you to read to increase your knowledge.
If you have any doubts, like staying on the floor of the cage, not eating/drinking, shaking, or legs or wings not looking right, get to the vet in a hurry. Bear in mind that birds are very good at hiding problems because they fear showing weakness in case of predators, and at the moment you might look like a predator. I hope this helps just to get you going until someone else sees your post. Take care and keep very calm.
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