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Old 10-27-2020, 01:29 PM
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Is my cockatiel upset?

Hello everyone. I'm still a relatively new cockatiel owner, I got my little Gigi only about 5 or 6 weeks ago. Normally she's really clingy and wants to be with someone all the time, whether it's me, my mom, my brother, etc... and normally she also always makes baby static when she's around me or my brother (not anyone else though).
This morning, my mom and I mist showered her. Normally she enjoys them, but normally we also only do it about once a week. My mom wanted to do it today though, even though it hadn't been a week since the last one because she thought Gigi needed it. Gigi, however, didn't want to take a shower and she didn't enjoy it like usual. After the mist shower, she started being more quiet and not making as much noise, and she wants to be left alone on top of her cage. If we go to try to pick her up to play with her, she tries to bite, or, if she does step up, she just begs until we take her back to the top of the cage (the begging is quiet, ,though, not loud like usual).
Is she just upset with us? Or does it seem like it could be something else. The change was so sudden, she was acting perfectly normal before the shower. She is on medicine currently because two weeks ago she had a bacterial infection and the period during which she should take the medicine isn't over yet, if you think that affects anything.
Thank you for your help (and sorry for such a long post!)
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Old 10-27-2020, 02:48 PM
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Re: Is my cockatiel upset?

The thing to remember about birds is, they can make the decision to not want something, just like you can! They are capable of not being in the mood for something, like a bath, and as owners we must learn to respect their wishes and not give them a bath if they don't wan tit.

Sometimes I'll give my birds (all 4 cockatiels) a bath and sometimes, 2 like it. The others will try to escape the spray bottle I sue and go as far away from me as possible. Sometimes, all 4 like it, sometimes only 1 likes it, and that's okay and normal. Remember they aren't like dogs and cats who want to cuddle and be on you all the time. Sometimes they like to sit on their cages and be left alone to preen, play or enjoy a snack. One prefers to dunk herself in her water bowl so she's never really liked baths, but it's not uncommon for birds to not want to be bathed or showered, and want to be left alone.

Keep in mind that cockatiels are birds and some birds just like their space. After bathing I usually let my cockatiels dry out by themselves and take a nice long nap.They aren't particularly cuddly after a shower and prefer to dry out on a branch and preen. Sometimes the best times for them are when they can be lefta lone on their cage and relax. This is a good thing, and won't last forever. Soon she'll be back at it wanting attention before you know it. In the meantime, give her space and respect her wishes to want to be let alone for now. It's nothing personal, just like how you want to be left alone sometimes
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Old 10-27-2020, 05:09 PM
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Re: Is my cockatiel upset?

one thing you can explain to your mom, baths burn energy, and lower body temperature. Sick birds and that can be a big deal.

Birds feathers evolved with special features to be resistant to bacteria, yeast and molds. They also have preen oils and preen to keep themselves clean.

A sick bird or one still on medication , probably shouldn't be drenched.
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