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Old 01-09-2017, 10:05 AM
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Re: I need advice folks..

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This story is really heart breaking for both your friend and that bird. In my opinion he definitely can't take good care of that bird, but not because he doesn't want to, simply because he can't do it any longer. Try to talk to him and convince him it's time to go separate ways and to find new home for a bird. It will be good for both of them, bird clearly does love him and may not like other people but couldn't a reason for that be that bird only sees him often and is in bad living conditions that makes it quite unhappy overall and expresses that attitude on anyone else but it's owner because he's the only one bird has atm? Your friend needs more time for himself and clearly needs more resting time plus now that his mother isn't doing well complicates things more and brings more frustration...and that frustration also affects the bird to be frustrated. Personally I think in a new loving home bird could change her behavior towards others. Imagine if bird starts living in clean home, plenty of perches and toys, people happy all around her, don't you think she'll get used to that situation pretty easy? Best way to help both of them is to talk to your friend and show him that clearly they're both pulling each other down and they both need more time for themselves, he to rest more and take care of himself more and bird new owners that take more care of her. After so long years with it it's probably unimaginable to him but if you present it in right way for him to see how that can work out best for both of them he might accept that idea and you may find new owners for the bird quite easy. They are beautiful birds that need devoted people to work with them to get the best of them. Wish you all lots of luck btw and hope situation resolves best for everyone
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