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Erick123 06-01-2017 01:51 AM

A quick question about Peanut, my Cockatoo
I recently created a detailed thread on my experience with my first time ever cockatoo. In the thread I discussed that I was probably moving too fast letting him out his cage to explore the room he was in and having him go on my bed. This is a cockatoo that was very rarely out of cage due to his previous owner. I decided to take a step back. It's obvious that he trusts me to a certain extent. He allows me to pet him and hand feed him. Sometimes I would sing to him and he would let out this soft low pitch sound, almost as if he was trying to sing too.

Anyway, taking a step back, I decided to have him in the cage being the first week and all. I interact with him by feeding him, talking, singing, and reading to him. When he is in the cage and I start to talk, he grabs to the side of the cage, holding on sideways. He spreads his wings a bit and very lightly flaps them, then starts to scream. This is new behavior that I've seen. Does anyone know what this possibly mean? Also when I read to him and he's sitting on his perch inside the cage, he starts to scream loudly. Perhaps I spoiled him too much at the beginning of the week?

Thanks for reading,
Erick :grey:

Scott 06-01-2017 08:35 AM

Re: A quick question about Peanut, my Cockatoo
The likely meaning is "let me out!" Given his freedom so far, not sure sure it is best to keep him in the cage, but rather reduce the time to shorter periods. If you could reset the clock, a period of observation from the cage might be best, but you've done no permanent damage!

Peanut has had two major changes; new home and freedom from the cage. You now have control over the latter and can ease the transition with progressively longer periods outside the cage.

KimMichele 06-02-2017 01:57 PM

Re: A quick question about Peanut, my Cockatoo
Good luck. Cockatoos love to explore. They are so intelligent.

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