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Old 10-12-2017, 12:56 PM
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Is it safe to clip a tail feather

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I have a U2 with an prolapsed cloacal, he has had it repaired 3x's and we have decided not to make him go through that again because the chance of it not happening again are very slim.

I will warn you the pictures look really nasty.
Is it safe to clip a tail feather-img_20171012_132657.jpg

Is it safe to clip a tail feather-img_20171012_132625.jpg

Is it safe to clip a tail feather-img_20171012_132644.jpg

My problem is because he is not able to poo like normal it sort of drips down on his tail feathers and gets nasty. I have tried to offer a larger bath hoping he would go in it and clean it. No luck. Our only way we have been able to clean it is if my husband get him and he sits on his chest and he will try to clean it. He hasn't really liked me since I took him in to get his prolapse fixed. I can't blame him, I wouldn't like the person who took me to get surgery on my butt either. But he has recently started to come sit on me in the evening.

He has a few tail feathers underneath that are caked full of poo. Unless I were to soak his butt in water I don't think I could get them clean. My question is, is it safe for me to clip those couple feathers off? I don't know what else to do for him.

Has anyone else had this problem that could give me suggestions on how to keep it clean?

Thanks in advance for all help.
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Re: Is it safe to clip a tail feather

The clipping of the Tail Feathers is something that you could consider, but that may lead to other Feathers or other things away from the Parrot getting Poo on it /them.

Obtain a misting bottle (must have a misting setting, not just a spray. Do not use the spray setting). This will allow you to direct the water to a general area and this will allow the removal of the dried Poo. The reality is, you have a Parrot with a health problem that with care and effort can be kept under control with regular cleaning.

Yes, it a bit of an effort! But that is what families do when members need help. A member of your family has a medical problem and he needs help. Yes its Poo, but it easily cleans-up with just plain water on the Feathers. And, for you and yours, its soap and water. Quick and simple. Make it a bit of a game, have fun, and everyone will be better for it. If nothing else, if directed correctly, it could easily strength the family bond!
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Scott  (10-13-2017)

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prolapsed cloacal, tail feathers
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