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Old 07-01-2019, 03:23 PM
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Be careful what you say

I saw a thread on Facebook last week about how much your dog understands what you say to him and in front of him. Dogs got nothin' on parrots. Rocky had a dangly feather yesterday that was sticking out at a funny angle and wouldn't actually fall off. So I said, "You look ridiculous with that sticking out. Yank it out." AND HE DID. Then he sort of spat it toward the floor and shook himself and gave me a look that said just as clearly as words, "Are you happy now????"
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Re: Be careful what you say


Their intelligence and comprehension is almost scary.
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Old 08-11-2019, 11:31 PM
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Re: Be careful what you say

Quote: Originally Posted by Mjhandy View Post

Their intelligence and comprehension is almost scary.
Today while Sunny was chewing on my fingers, I decided to try to explain to her that fingernails are not actually pinfeathers that need unwrapping.

So I told her, "Look, my fingers really aren't feathers. Really. They're more like your toes. And when you dig into my nails --ouch! be gentle please!-- when you try to unwrap my nails like that, really it's a lot more like someone trying to unwind your claws."

To which she responded by taking a good grip of my finger with one foot, wrapped herself and her other foot upside down around her ring-a-bell, and STARTED BITING HER OWN CLAW!!!! Aaaggg!!!

Well of course that wasn't what I wanted, and I think I managed to stay quite calm whilst dislodging her and explaining that No, Please Do NOT chew on your Own claws nor feet.

But, where in the world did this English Comprehension (and mis-application) come from? She's less than a year old, I actually don't talk a whole lot when I'm home, and I don't run the TV when I'm not home. Has she been sneaking out to English classes when I'm at work?
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