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Re: new baby Galah very skittish

Quote: Originally Posted by LoriLB View Post
I'm unsure how to build trust first. Any suggestions? She seemed ok this morning at first so decided to offer her step up. She didn't back away, just jumped at me. I thought she was going for my shoulder but she wasn't or she was and missed. Not sure which because I don't know her well yet. After she missed and went on to the floor again, I can only give her so long to be on the floor before I have to get her up. I'm really at a loss. I have had so much exposure to handfed babies and never have experienced this behavior. I have never been around a baby afraid of hands. I'm so hoping this wasn't a bad choice. I would have gotten a rescue if I wanted to deal with behavior stuff and bad habits. I hope I don't get slammed for that, but it is my concern. I'm a tad frustrated. I knew I didn't have the time to work through behavior issues. I have plenty of time for a parrot, but to sit and tame one and work through issues is much more time consuming than having a companion who can hang out with me all day. Already I am not being productive at work trying to sit by her cage all day and get her used to me. I envisioned her hanging out on my shoulder or desk with me while I worked and out with my kids and family at night. I didn't envision sitting patiently by her cage for hours and then watching her on the floor for hours after a failed attempt.

Also, does anyone have any success stories of birds coming around from this and being a good companion? I am so worried she will just want to stay in her cage forever and that is not why we got her. We were looking for a family member and we are very social. We have friends over all the time and our animals are always involved in that. Our conure will come out and go to everyone. is bonded to my son but he will interact with the other family and friends. I thought if I got her as a baby and had her out with everyone from the beginning she would become well socialized and enjoy being a part of our lives.

Thank you and I know I sound like a booger but I put so much time and research as well as money into her and I worry I made a mistake.


Hi Lori I think what you are expecting and what you got are not the same. Talk to the breeder as I think you can gain some valuable info. Do please as suggested look at the training info.

Little story: My friend saw my Plum (RIP) and took the plunge to go for a baby Galah like you. He was delivered to her and then the fun started. He'd throw himself on the floor and have a right old paddy. She phoned the breeder saying I think this one is broke LOL. Of course he was not broke, in fact he is seven now and absolutely gorgeous. It has taken a good while for him to exit his baby years (in stages) and become an adult. There can be mix up's with humans blaming hormones in a young Galah when in fact it is just adolescence, anything up to seven years old.

I think there is this misconception by many regarding baby birds. I will add that it doesn't matter if it's a baby or an adult bird (re-homed) they still need time, work and patience. I personally feel that you should allow her plenty of time to get used to her new surroundings. She was probably part of a flock although this could be several species of baby birds, to flown to you. How scary was that? I think if you lower your expectations some and just relax and enjoy her, use the building trust and bonding info available because when you have that is a major stepping stone for the future.

Galah's by nature as young birds tend to favour being on the floor, so use this as a positive and play with her on the floor. Plum used to do head rolls and lay there with his feet up, kinda juggling a piece of tissue or something. I much missed him doing this when he grew up! So to round up you will have to kinda alter your plans/expectations a little for a few years OK? I feel you will get what you want and expect just not to your timetable, you have something very, very precious please try and relax

PS try offering your arm instead of a hand for a step up, she sounds just a little uncoordinated atm. My guess is she will quite happy in her cage by your side whilst you work if you give her some toys etc, she can then get used to a routine of being out when you can dedicate your full attention to her later on. I read that Galah's in the wild are reared by their parents and then they go into this creche system with other youngsters and guess this is where they learn their manners etc as they are looked after by other adult birds, this also maybe explains why they appear to take a good while to mature in captivity?

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