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Re: New Grey

Quote: Originally Posted by Laurasea View Post
Well one way that has also worked for me, is increasing confidence and self choice. And rge more they try the more they will try.

I start out with stuff they like or are highly likely to like. I really try to get them trying things with different textures.. I offer by hand little things all day long then put on the dish.

I start with seeds, and everything I know they already like. I say yum yum when I offer stuff by hand. Then I offer stuff I think they are highly like to like, a tiny piece of bread, a cracker crumb, applesauce, popcorn, a fresh corn kernel. I offer everything h by hand then put on their veggies plate.

Then I offer new stuff and veggies bits , but intermixed with offering the favorite of seeds or what ever. Mine have become conditioned to run over and say yum yum and treat everything like a treat. I can feed a pellet, or a tiny piece of veg. It helps them understand the new stuff is food, they understand food gifts, it will help you if they are ever sick and you need to give meds in food by hand, helps your bond and trust. A behaviorexperti read says find up to 50 times a day to feed a tiny something by hand in reward to behavior. I've probably managed half that number.

I do offer things by hand all day still. I offer new foods this way. This has developed a culture in my house were my birds are very eager to try new foods and things and toys. It was a side effect I hadn't thought of that in getting do good at try new foods they would be good at try all new stuff. I dont make a big deal of new stuff. I offer it they usually touch and reject I put it on a plate and within a couple of minutes they will investigate.

Anyway a ramble but I hope it helps. There is a tipping point were they just seem to be willing to give everything a try.
Thanks again for your support and giving me a few techniques I can use! Rex and I really appreciate it ��

I wasted a lot of veggies today as expected but he did show a bit of an interest in Brocolli stem and green pepper from my hand. Of course when it was offered in his bowl he totally ignored it and mostly picked out the corn and apple. I'll continue to try him with these though and mix it up with other things that he likes and is familiar with ��

However dim it may be, there's light at the end of the tunnell haha
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