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Old 11-09-2011, 12:36 PM
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Re: How do you keep your birds warm in the winter?

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I do not wish to discuss any topic with you period. You still have growing to do...end of discussion!

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Old 11-10-2011, 03:39 AM
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Re: How do you keep your birds warm in the winter?

Quote: Originally Posted by MikeyTN View Post
Like I've said regardless she was sick or not. She IS the one to be blamed. You were treating like its ok to do just because she had an excuse! Its inexcusable!!! Will you leave your child in the cold to freeze? NO!
It is not fair to blame someone mentally incapable of remembering something for not remembering something. One would assume she had the birds before this illness set in. If you were for some reason one day, mentally incompetent and forgot to do something that resulted in the demise of your bird, we would not blame you and would do anything possible to assist. Hopefully, you would do the same if the situation was reversed. The blame certainly should NOT be applied to her.

Being mentally ill and unable to remember is 'an excuse' on her behalf. Not that she ever use it to excuse hereself, and when sound of mind took full responsibility. You act as if she did this deliberately. What is inexcusable is that her family/friends who knew of the birds in her care did not step in when it was obvious she could barley care for herself, let alone her birds. But that is another ball park.

Like I have said, any further parts I am happy to field but would prefer to do so through a different medium then here as it is not relevant to this topic any more.

If you really didn't want to discuss this further as "I have growing to do" then I doubt you would have replied. Not doing so would have been the "mature" thing to do, after all.

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Old 11-10-2011, 06:37 AM
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Re: How do you keep your birds warm in the winter?

Mikey and Amber, I can tell that you are both wonderful people who care a great deal about birds (and animals in general, it seems). You've both contributed a lot to this thread and this forum.

It sounds like Mikey was speaking out against deliberate neglect of one's pet. Of course, deliberate wouldn't be the case if a person is gravely disabled and unable to care for even themselves, let alone their pets. Amber, I think this was exactly your point. It does not sound like either one of you was in disagreement with the other about any of this.

I don't think Mikey was aware that the elderly woman, whose birds were left out in the frost, had Alzheimer's. This seems to have been the misunderstanding and the point at which things went sour in your debate.

Mikey, I thank you for encouraging people to be responsible pet owners and taking responsibility for their actions.

Amber, I thank you for being empathetic and mindful of the effects of mental illness.

Let's please keep things civil and be respectful of one another. We are all here for the same cause = )

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