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Old 03-26-2013, 09:29 PM
I have a Jenday Conure named Rasta.
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Re: New to owning a Jenday Conure.

Quote: Originally Posted by MonicaMc View Post
I don't let him stick his head into my mouth or anything, but he loves playing with my lips or "kissing" me, I am not sure what to call it. I don't know if this is okay or not, but he is very gentle and is so cute I can't help, but laugh. Should I discourage this?
It's not a good idea to kiss his body or allow him to kiss/lick your lips, because the bacteria inside our mouths can be harmful to them. Kissing their beaks or heads is generally accepted as long as the bird doesn't like us.

If I have him on my bed like I did yesterday, I laid down and he was on my pillow and he came and snuggled up next to me and this is when the "kissing" begins then he started to fall asleep. Does this mean he likes/ trusts me?
Your jenday sounds very trusting of you! That's great! The only thing I would caution is to *not* sleep with him. Many owners have lost their birds when they accidentally rolled over onto them.

Right now all I am teaching him is the command "up" anytime i get him to come onto my fingers I will say "up" and praise him. I am sure he will get it down soon as he seems to be very smart.
Parrots are indeed smart! If he's not getting it, then you might want to find his favorite treat and then present your hand against his cage or perch, then tempt him closer to your hand and reward him. Reward him if he puts a toe or a foot on your hand, reward him if he puts both feet on your hand! It may involve luring him into your hand, but it's a better way to teach him to step up. As he learns the behavior, you can phase out the lure. Praising him also works great! Main thing is, don't force him to step up - i.e. don't push into his chest/stomach, and don't lift his toes.

I personally don't recommend mirrors for parrots, since many don't understand it's their reflection.

Definitely toss the bird protector! It can cause more harm than good! Most of the stuff sold at Walmart is crap (IMO).

He could use more foraging toys and maybe some different kinds, but all in due time! Get that large cage first!

Many owners use paper. Black and white newspaper, plain printer paper, newspaper end rolls, butcher paper, the thick craft paper, etc. Here's a webpage about cage liners.

Winged Wisdom Magazine. Bird Cage Liners: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

There are a lot of seed varieties out there! I don't feed my conure seeds very often, but it's more so because he has difficulty eating them rather than anything else... although pellets are healthier! Currently, I have Harrison's for pellets, and the little guys are getting a Goldenfeast dry blend mixed with Kaylor of Colorado Sweet Harvest Cockatiel/Budgie seeds. Lately, I've been buying most of my supplies from the following store.

MySafeBirdStore - DISCOUNTED Bird Products - Safe & Healthy from a Bird Free Environment. Best prices on the 'net. Same day shipping.

All in all though, you are doing fantastic! And it's great that you have such a supportive mother!!!!

Thank you for the website! I ordered one of their mixes that had like over 75 ingredients and a cook-able mix.
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