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Old 07-25-2016, 07:47 AM
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Second bird

I've got a gold cap, Jade, she's a little over a year old and we are planning to get a second bird. I've heard that once people get two birds they begin to bond with each other and don't really want to spend as much time with humans anymore. Right now we are on vacation and Jade with with the breeder and they have a 3 month old sun conure that Jade loves. They are already sharing a cage there so they will probably share a cage when back too. I know birds can fight but one of the reasons we are getting another bird is to keep Jade company. She's just too social for us not to give her a friend. I'm at school for 8+ hours a day, my mom works at home but she can't be with Jade as much as Jade deserves either. Jade also doesn't even play with her toys when we aren't there. For most of the time when I look through the window she is just standing on the perch waiting for us. I've heard that when birds bond too close you can separate them for a while in two separate cages but does that work well? Also during training, I want to train them one by one but I don't really have another room that I can go to. Will one get really distracted by the other? Jade has been with us for over four months already so she does know the house, the people, and some tricks already but we are gone for 2 months to visit family and she might not remember too much. Would that be like bringing two new birds in anyways? Sorry for the long paragraph lol but I think my main question is will it be difficult to have a close bond with both birds and train them well?

Thanks so much
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Old 07-25-2016, 08:52 PM
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Re: Second bird

It can go either way, honestly! And it is possible to train both birds while in the same room! Or even right next to each other! Birds learn by watching others, so it's possible that a second bird could pick up on the behaviors of the first bird without being taught those behaviors.

I have 5 cockatiels and an african ringneck sharing an aviary, and am 'closely bonded' with one of the cockatiels. Casey loves scritches and mostly comes to me easily for scritches or food. She's also happy being with her flock.

I also have two conures sharing a cage, and although both are bonded to me, one is more so than the other.
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