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Old 07-26-2016, 03:00 AM
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Sun conure info?

Hi everyone
Since I am considering my second bird to be a sun conure, I was hoping that someone with a sun could tell me a bit about their experiences with them? Especially how loud they are and how much they vocalize. I have a gold cap already so I think the noise level is similar but I've heard that Suns vocalize a lot more, sometimes for hours a day! Also about their behaviour and pros and cons?

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Old 07-26-2016, 11:05 PM
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Re: Sun conure info?

When it comes to the yellow conures, the loudest ones I've heard were a gorgeous pair of gold caps! LOL I don't have any personal experience with these species, but I would say they are all pretty similar in many ways, and different in regards to each personal individual.

(sorry that's not as helpful as it could be!)
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Old 07-26-2016, 11:46 PM
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Re: Sun conure info?

I think it all depending of the individual bird and environment. I was just visiting with my aunt who has a golden capped that is loud too loud for my aunt and she is a bird lady. I did not find his scream all that bad. The suns I feel like have a slightly high pitch to the scream so ......

If you can handle a golden I think you could handle a sun. My aunts golden capped (Gooby) does not like her other birds. He really wants to be an only bird. Do you think yours will welcome a new bird? I offered to take Gooby who i first met 15 years ago. I always just loved him. I live cross country so not to easy to just take him home. Gooby really liked my brother more anyways it was funny. Goobs aggression toward her amazon and first bird a green cheek is becoming really hard. Gooby attaches the other birds he is a Male and the others are female .

I never had my own sun but have met a few. I have yet to meet one I did not like, they are great birds.

Why not go spend time at a bird store or pet store with some suns and see what you think of the sounds and personality. I have always wanted a sun but the scream they have has kept me from getting one.
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Old 07-28-2016, 02:48 AM
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Re: Sun conure info?

At about 5pm each night there's a huge screaming fit, but it only lasts for a few minutes. i second what stated above, if you can handle a golden capped conure, a sun won't be much different. The few hours a day is myth! Throughout the day there are times when she does get loud, but nothing I can't handle. Sun Conures are great, but I would say a minimum of 2-4 hours a day of play time/out of cage time. My Sun Ruby isn't one for toys (she only likes her 'special' toy, believe me I've tried everything) But that's not saying your's won't like toys either. It all depends on the bird.

Oh, and a final word of advice, please don't get a happy hut. I try to tell this to everyone. We've lost too many birds through happy huts. Sun Conures love them, but for the sake of their life, please don't get one, no matter how tempting it is.

I wish you luck getting a Sun Conure!! They're amazing birds and I'm sure you'll do great with one. Good Luck!!
SCREEEEEEECH - Ruby the sun
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Old 07-28-2016, 10:30 AM
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Re: Sun conure info?

I cant speak for other Sun Conures... but my lil Boogers racket is no big deal. Mornings when uncovered I get greeted with an enthusiastic squeal along with a whispered "keeeessh keeeesh keeesh". Perhaps the loudest he use to get was when I walk out of the room. Id get a loud DICKADEEEE DICKADEEE DEEE DEEE DEEEE... best thing to do is dickadeee back to him letting him know your still around. I got to saying "be right back" as I left the room ... different than the "bye bye" when I was actually leaving for a while. No kidding... he seems to understand and I get lots less DICKADEEES now. Still they have a strong flocking instinct and the whole flock... including me, wifey, and my BFA are suppose to be together in his opinion. As far as volume??... for a small bird he can make some racket... but not near what my BFA can do. You can expect a greeting of DEEE DEEE DEEE when you drive up in the driveway.. he loves it when you get back home from where ever.. and you can get a loud YAK YAK YAK along with a lot of head bobbing if you piss him off... his birdie version of cussing you out. Booger is not a great talker, but he does say "bye bye bye bye" when wifey or me grab our keys to go.. and when its time for bed he lets us know saying " NITE NITE ..NITE NITE... WANAGONITENITE". As for the rest of his sounds its normal lil raspy chirps and hisses and an occasional quiet whistle.
My lil Booger is an awesome companion.. affectionate, smart, comical, just adorable in so many ways and has brought so much happiness to my home Im almost stunned. Ive had lots of birds but Booger is special. Im sure if your SC is anywhere near what Booger is you will have NO regrets adding one to your flock. Good luck.

ooops... ps...
Another thing about Booger that Ive heard was species specific.. Booger wont crap anywhere but either in or off the side of his cage. He will go to great lengths to get to his cage when he feels the need. Wish my BFA was that picky )............

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