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Mrdave087 08-31-2016 05:41 PM

Conure and Senegal help....
I'm new to the bird world. I fell in love with my gfs senegal. However the senegal far from loves me. It will attack me whenever the opportunity presents it self. I want to adopt a baby sun conure however I'm afraid the senegal may get stressed or angry at my gf about this. Does anyone have advice or experience with this situation? The senegal is 15 and can get angry at her from time to time already. I would hate for the senegal to feel misplaced. I will be taking responsibility for the conure and they'll be caged separately. My gfs has no plan on bonding with the conure for the sake of the senegal. Is that the best route?

Flboy 08-31-2016 05:55 PM

Re: Conure and Senegal help....
Build your relationship with the Sene first! Easy? No!
But what it will teach you is worth working for! For the three of you!

Mrdave087 08-31-2016 06:00 PM

Re: Conure and Senegal help....
I've been giving the senegal treats and I spend time whistling and coo'ing at her in an attempt to bond but she looks at me as a threat to her relationship with my gf. Do you know any other ways I might bond to break her of her hatred of me?

BeatriceC 08-31-2016 06:18 PM

Re: Conure and Senegal help....
You might never become friends. I don't say that to discourage you, but that's the reality. You may, however, be able to come to a peace agreement. I've managed that with MrC's Amazon, though MrC isn't having so much luck with my macaw. Granted, I've been working on Goofy for years, and Charlotte is a newcomer, so we have lots of time.

Senegals, like amazons, can be fiercely one person birds, and they often reserve particular ire for those they deem "competition", i.e. their chosen human's romantic partners. Fortunately, our senegal likes lots of people, so we don't have that issue with him, but the amazon is another matter. The one thing to always keep in mind is this can be a very slow process. Like I said earlier, I've been working on Goofy for years, and we've only recently come to a peace agreement. Take things slow. Talk to the bird. Bring the bird treats. Be non-threatening. Don't push, at least not at first. Pay close attention to body language. Sennies are extremely expressive, so you have an advantage there. Learn the bird's body language, and respond accordingly.

Good luck!

jenphilly 08-31-2016 08:11 PM

Re: Conure and Senegal help....
I agree with Beatrice... if it was most other birds, you might have a chance, but if you do some reading on sonnies you will see one thing they are notorious for is being one person birds. They are awesome birds for single people who if only one person wants a bird, they truly are amazingly devoted and loyal to their chosen person.

I can share my personal experience... a Senegal courted my husband at the shelter for over a year. From the moment they met, Mali only wanted to hang out with my husband, but it meant giving up a space for a foster baby and another cage I would have to clean. My husband loves playing with the birds, will help with feeding and watering, but not one to jump in for cage cleaning :) But, after a year of introducing Mali to adopters and Mali sending them away bleeding and only being good for Byron, the decision was made that it was pretty clear Mali was not gonna change his mind and Byron was his chosen person. Now up until that point in time, Mali had tolerated me and been fairly social, had nipped me a few times, but not the vicious hang on and see how flesh he could remove as he had done with other people. I joke he was only sucking up to me to get his ticket home. Mali has been in my home since Valentine's 2015. I am the person who cleans cages, prepares all the fresh foods, hands out treats, replaces toys, does the majority of feeding and I even take the little turd face out to hang out on playstands during the day when my husband is at work. So you would think that from February 2015 til today Mali and I would be friends... well heck no... Mali goes for flesh any chance he can, he refuses to step up on my hand (okay not true, he steps up but there is blood in involved and he does not let go). He will step up on a towel, but then does his best to get thru the towel to my flesh. He is stick trained for moving him from cage to playstand and such. He will let me scratch his head when he wants his head scratched, but if I'm doing food and water and turn my head for a second, he's going for flesh. He just nailed me the other night while I was adding nutriberries as a night snack. Through the bars, saw his chance and went for it. He has wing atrophy (was about 25 when he came home to us), so he cannot fly, but if he gets on the floor, the sucker will literally walk across a good 50 to 100 feet to track me down and try to attack me ;)

So, if you have tried making friends with him and he only wants your girlfriend. Just accept it. Much like everything in life, you can't have everyone love you!!

Getting a new bird is not a big deal as long as the birds have their own spaces and your girlfriend makes sure the sennie knows he is still number one with her. From the moments of you saying he gets an attitude with your girlfriend, be prepared that if he sees her being affectionate with the new conure, he will express his jealousy. Mali gets very upset and jealous when my husband spends time with other birds and has given some pretty significant chomps to express his displeasure. But we are a home with multiple birds, I've posted before, its like having kids, make sure everyone gets attention, is loved and has their own space, then you can be a happy family!! But your worry about the Senegal being aggressive with the conure is a valid worry, so again, each having their own playstands or space is the simple answer.

I would also consider adopting an adult bird, but that's a personal opinion and going to a rescue and having a conure pick you as their person, will help to establish relationships!

Best of luck!!

Mrdave087 08-31-2016 08:48 PM

Re: Conure and Senegal help....
Hey thank you everyone for your input it's made my desicion to adopt a conure easier perhaps I will invest in an older bird. You're opinions are greatly valued, thanks!!!

JamesC 08-31-2016 09:23 PM

Re: Conure and Senegal help....
I would chime in one thing, don't ever expect the Senegal and a bird you adopt to become friends. In fact, I'd would try to avoid them getting close at all. Senegals do not even like other Senegals, let alone another species. And they have powerful beaks that can do real damage to another bird. My Sidney will attack my Blue Crown Conures if they get close. Tootsie knows it and avoids him.

Rosco on the other wing.... *sigh* He just wants to see what Sidney is up to and gets himself in trouble. Sid was on the floor a couple of days ago and Rosco flew down next to him. Before I could react, Sidney attacked and they tussled around on the floor until I intervened. Sid was attacking and Rosco was just trying to get away squawking loudly. No injuries, fortunately. Will that bird never learn?!! :(

wrench13 08-31-2016 09:33 PM

Re: Conure and Senegal help....
Jen, we are lucky to have someone with your experience, outlook and humor here on Parrot Forums. Thanks for participating.

jenphilly 08-31-2016 10:07 PM

Re: Conure and Senegal help....

Originally Posted by wrench13 (Post 599600)
Jen, we are lucky to have someone with your experience, outlook and humor here on Parrot Forums. Thanks for participating.

Thank you for that sweet thought!!! Real thanks go to Terry and the other Mods for welcoming me back (I'm sure she had to twist some arms!) :p:eek::21:. I'm happy to be here and be part of the wonderful growing community of Parrot Forums again :)

BeatriceC 09-01-2016 12:51 AM

Re: Conure and Senegal help....
My Senni is atypical of his species in that he's friendly with multiple people. However, he is definitely typical of his species when it comes to attempting to bully other birds. He think's he's as big as a macaw. He tries to bully the actual macaw. He tries to bully the YN Amazon. He's not allowed out with the others without a 1-1 human/bird ratio, and even then he's kept separate (that might have to change when he figures out how to fly...still working on that).

I also agree with Jen on how to reduce jealousy when you bring a new bird in. MrC spent all kinds of extra time with Goofy (the YNA) both times we brought a new bird in. With a very slow introduction and extra attention from his human, Goofy adjusted quite well. The birds aren't friends, but there's no aggressive or anxious behavior either (except when Leo tries to bully, but we end that quickly).

One point I've been curious about. The peace agreement breakthrough between me and Goofy actually happened shortly after we brought Leo home. Now, Goofy and I aren't friends, but he allows me to move him in and out of his cage to clean or take him to the dinner table (the birds all have perches around the table and they join us for dinner), and will occasionally let me give him scritches through the bars of the cage (only on his terms). This is a far cry from plotting my murder, which I'm convinced is how he used to spend his days. I wonder if he decided I was less of a threat once I had my own "mate" to play with. I have no clue, but it's a thought that crossed my mind.

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