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Old 01-03-2019, 08:56 AM
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Re: Horrible New Year

At 8-10 months old, he is actually going through his very first "hormonal-phase", or puberty. That's the issue. It's the longest and the most-difficult hormonal period they go through, and at the same time he was going through or continues to go through his first molt, which is also the biggest molt he will ever go through (Green Cheeks actually change their colors quite a bit during their first molt, depending on the mutation; my Yellow-Sided change his colors drastically all over his body, his belly, chest, head, face, etc.)...So he's a grumpy little guy right now and it's probably going to last for a couple of months at the least.

Keeping him on as much of a "Natural Light Schedule" as you can should help quite a bit. Make sure that wherever his sleep-cage or whatever he sleeps in is in a place where he can actually see the light changes that occur at both sunrise in the morning and at sunset at night, as seeing the sunlight changes helps to get their body and sleep rhythms on a schedule. Avoid feeding him any warm or mushy foods, as they too cause their hormones to flare. Avoid touching him anywhere but on his head, face, and neck.

Here's a big one, out of curiosity, does he have any type of "Happy Hut", "Snuggle Hut", or any type of tent, hammock, box, etc. that he can get inside of? Any towels, blankets, or fabric that he can get underneath? Any furniture that he can get underneath? Anything that could be used as a nesting material, such as bedding, wood chips, shredded paper, etc.? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need to remove all of these things from his cage/play-stands/areas, and make sure that he cannot ever get underneath any furniture or inside of any boxes, basically you need to avoid any and all "small, dark, warm places", as well as any fabric/cloth that he can get under. All of these things cause extreme hormone-rushes and make them crazy and often very aggressive.
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Old 01-03-2019, 03:10 PM
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Re: Horrible New Year

Early in December I got my hair cut -- significantly. For a day or two Francie, my 'too, was nipping my ear. I think it was because I looked so different. Silly little thing to us but apparently a big deal to them!

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Old 01-05-2019, 10:22 AM
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Re: Horrible New Year

I have a Golden Conure and he is very young still. However the biting hasn't reached the same proportion however nips every now and then are annoying but I find that happens when he is trying to tell me something. "I'm hungry! Why are you changing the schedule? Why am I out of my cage in the middle of the afternoon? Why aren't I getting my normal cuddle time? Why are you in the kitchen for so long with out me? When am I going to get my shower?" My Muffin is not old enough to get hormonal yet but I am preparing myself for the inevitable! I let him out of his cage longer than the normal amount of time and he began to just squawk despite the fact that he could get back into his cage to preen and play with his toys at any time! So, I had to come to him from my kitchen and put him back in the cage, close and lock the door and now he is quiet and contented. Having had birds most of my life they are trying to communicate and yes they have rules and when we break them they get upset.Yesterday I had to work very late and came home late and Muffin was not happy with me. I think this morning I tried to give him more out of cage time feeling guilty that he had very little time yesterday. In trying to make the time up he became confused so I had to return to the scheduled time in and out today. I can only hope that your little one will get over the biting issue soon.
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