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kristy_peaches 04-20-2019 07:44 AM

The squawking continues....
So I posted a while ago about how my Meyers parrot does not stop squawking! You wonderful people suggested we move her to a centralized area of the house and thatís what we did. Things were better for a bit but now every time we step of of the living room, sheís squawking again.

Whether I just close the door to use the washroom or just step around the corner to get a bite in the kitchen.

How do we wean her off of this behaviour? Itís to the point where we canít wait to leave the house to get away from the noise.

Help again!! X(:gcc:

noodles123 04-20-2019 07:53 AM

Re: The squawking continues....
How much time and interaction does she get out of the cage each day? Is there a reason you can't leave her out when you are home?

kristy_peaches 04-20-2019 07:57 AM

Re: The squawking continues....
She’s a destroyer of all things so we can’t leave her outside her cage with curtains and leather couches around. Even if she’s out of the cage she flips out if we leave the room, even for a second.

We will have her out, cuddle and give her attention and the second she’s back in her cage, the squawking is back. I’m going insane. Literally crying right now because the noise is never ending.

noodles123 04-20-2019 08:11 AM

Re: The squawking continues....
Do you literally cuddle her (as in stroking/hugging/petting)? I can't remember if I talked to you about hormones. Does she have access to any shadowy spaces in or near her cage?

I bet there is a solution. Try to breathe---I know it's hard though!

Sunnyclover 04-20-2019 11:40 AM

Re: The squawking continues....
Your bird is just contact calling you because you're out of their line of sight. It's extremely common and not an easy thing for them to stop doing because it's an instinct. She's calling you back to her because she thinks you might be lost. My solution to this is that I take my birds with me from room to room. Most of my birds are clipped which keeps them from destroying my house but mostly for their safety. I have a spot in each room where I can sit my birds that is bird safe like a perch or a pillow or a play stand. The contact calls... it's just what birds do and it's because they care about you so you don't get lost. Also, birds are LOUD and even if the type of parrot you got is supposed to be quiet that really depends on the individual birds personality. Please try to find a way to live in harmony with your avian companion even if they squawk when you leave the room it's just a bird thing and nothing she's doing wrong.

noodles123 04-20-2019 12:14 PM

Re: The squawking continues....
If she is quiet for 15 minutes when you are away but in the same house (and then screams after 15 minutes), that is good. If she is screaming the second you leave, that is a problem that can be curtailed.

ChristaNL 04-20-2019 01:13 PM

Re: The squawking continues....
As always: what you reward will grow stronger...
so if screaming non-stop will get you back in the room...that is what she will do!

Sunny will contactcall (5x times a fullthroated wraaaaaa per call ) almost nonstop when she hears me talking to people outside my house, but is quiet when I am away / I checked with the neighbours and even birdsitting friends. It is bloody annoying, but it is in the DNA for her to do that.
If I do not respond (after a while) it dies off a bit, but I have to time my re-entry in the house in between the wraawraawraawraawraa's because if it looks like I am appearing when she calls (reward the calling) ... it gets worse!

She used to yell when she could see but not reach me ( me on the balcony) but like the other in-house calls I only respond to words/ soft whistles not the WRAAAAAAA!
So she starts using 'hello!' more now.

But it is a battle!!!
Timing is everything ;)

YSGC 04-20-2019 03:28 PM

Re: The squawking continues....
You and I know our homes are free from the dangers of the wild like hawks flying overhead and ground predators hunting for a meal.
Since parrots are intelligent you might assume they know they are safe in our homes.
But while humans live in homes that we make safe, parrots have evolved in the wild for zillions of years.
That's why fear of being caught and killed happens at the instinct level for a parrot, not the rational thinking level.
IOW a parrot in a home doesn't know it is safe from predators. (dogs and cats excepted)

A flock animals' survival depends on the flock's many eyes looking out for danger.
Being caught alone must be terrifying.

I thought carefully about our house's floor plan with 2 things in mind.
Which rooms the humans spend most of their time?
What cage location offers maximum view of humans for the longest period of time?

From his cage Pico can see into the 3 rooms we spend the most time in.
It's awkward for us to walk around the cage there, but the noise reduction is worth it.

Of course consider the other cage-location factors.
To name a few, don't put it ...
In full sun, or in a very dark location
Next to a blind door where someone in stocking feet will quietly and suddenly walk through, startling the bird
In or next to the kitchen with its higher concentration of cooking fumes

While extreme, some people in certain houses might actually consider modifying a wall by opening up a window between rooms so the bird can see its humans in the next room.

I also allow Pico (with clipped wings) to join us in other rooms.
I have stand perches set up wherever we hang out, even in the bathroom.
Each has a thick rope hanging to the floor Pico uses as an elevator.
Pico is free to walk around the house to join a human whenever we are home.
Obviously my SO and I have trained ourselves to watch were we walk, and have to clean up dropping here and there ... a small price to pay for a more-quiet bird.

RemiBird 04-20-2019 03:40 PM

Re: The squawking continues....
Not sure what the next step would be other than finding her a new home.

kristy_peaches 04-27-2019 10:49 AM

Re: The squawking continues....
It’s one thing to contact call, but my husband and I will be sitting in the room and she will squawk mom stop sometimes. There’s no reason for it. I take her out and give her attention, I point her in the direction of her foraging toys and we respond when she says little words and kissing sounds.

She squawks the minute we leave the room. We have tried covering her up when she squawks but there doesn’t seem to be a big change at all.

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