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Old 05-07-2019, 11:39 AM
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Re: How to discourage "frisky" behavior with toys?

Something else that I need to add in-regard to the "over-the-counter Avian Multi-Vitamin powders/drops" and what I meant by my statement above about them...There are prescription Avian Multi-Vitamins and prescription preparations of individual Avian Vitamins and Minerals that ONLY your Avian Veterinarian should be prescribing to your birds, and ONLY after your Avian Vet has done Blood-Work and/or other tests that reveal a Nutritional-Deficiency that your individual birds have. Just because you can order most prescription Avian Vitamins, Minerals, Antibiotics, Anti-Fungals, and pretty much all other prescription Avian medications and supplements online without a prescription or a Vet needing to be involved with it, you should NEVER just start giving any prescription medication, vitamin, mineral, supplements, or anything else on your own because you think your bird might need it or for "preventative" reasons such as a fear of your female bird becoming Egg-Bound. You can actually cause medical-conditions, disease-processes, illnesses and syndromes, etc. from giving your birds too much of certain Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, etc., and this can actually do just as much or even more harm to your bird than a lack of them does....We had someone here on the forum write a post not that long ago, I believe it was last month, asking for the name of "the best prescription Calcium-supplement available for birds" so they could find it online and order it on their own, so that they could just give it to their female bird on a "just in-case" basis...This is not a good practice to get into doing at all, because what will end-up happening since your female birds don't actually have a Calcium-deficiency, which is what those prescription supplements are intended for, is that you'll end-up causing your female birds to start having all kinds of serious, sometimes life-threatening medical conditions that are also extremely painful and stressful; the medical condition that comes to mind immediately when I think of a Calcium-overdose is the development of Renal-Calculi (Kidney and/or Bladder Stones), and calcification of the blood-vessels inside of the Kidneys. So unless your bird has been tested-for and diagnosed-with a Calcium-deficiency by your Avian Vet through blood-work, you should not EVER just go online on your own and order ANY prescription Calcium-supplement or Multi-Vitamin supplements, the main one that people seem to be ordering themselves online and giving to their birds being CalciVet.

****I will repeat this one more time for good-measure, and also mention that this not only applies to your birds or your other pets, but also to yourselves and all people as well (I have been telling this to my biological-father for years and years, since I was a kid getting ready to study medicine in college, and he didn't listen to me then and still doesn't listen to me now after getting my BS and my MS in Health-Science and practicing Medical-Research and being the Medical-Liaison at the Avian/Reptile Rescue for 8 and a half years now, he just keeps on taking his daily "One-a-Day-Men's" Multi-Vitamin and chasing it with probably 12-15 individual Vitamin/Mineral supplement pills that he already took in the Multi-Vitamin pill first, and that's on top of what he gets from his daily food-intake, lol...He's a moron, trust me, he is):

#1) Your body and your bird's body absorbs Vitamins, Minerals, Amino-Acids/Enzymes, Protein, Fiber, etc.much more efficiently and readily from the food that you and your bird (and all other pets and people) eat every day than they do from any types of supplement pills, powders, liquids, vapors, "chewies", etc.

#2) 99% of the Vitamins, Minerals, Metals, and Amino-Acids/Enzymes that you and your bird take in the form of any type of supplement pills, powders, liquids, vapors, chewies, etc. are not absorbed by your bodies at all and are excreted in your Urine/Urates, your Feces, through the pores in your skin in the form of "sweat" (electrolytes), or through other bodily-fluids (tears, saliva, etc.)...

#3) The majority of that 1% of the Vitamins, Minerals, Metals, and Amino-Acids/Enzymes that ARE absorbed by your bodies from any type of supplements that you take are only the "Fat-Soluble" Vitamins (A, D, E, K) in these supplements.This means that ALMOST ALL of the "Water-Soluble" Vitamins (B, C), Minerals, Metals, Amino-Acids/Enzymes that you and your birds take in supplement-form are not at all absorbed by your bodies but rather simply excreted in your bodily-fluids. *****The most-common example of people wasting millions of dollars every year on the purchase of worthless Vitamin-supplements that they usually take in HUGE, MASSIVE OVERDOSES that are basically ALL excreted from their bodies (at least in the United States, I don't know about other countries) are the ridiculously high amounts of Vitamin C that people take, some every single day, in a completely futile effort to keep from contracting Viral Diseases such as Influenzas (Flus), Cold Viruses, and Bacterial Infections such as Strep Throat, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, etc. It's a shame too, because Vitamin C supplements meant to keep people from "getting sick" are a multi Billion-Dollar industry in the US alone (for example, the "Airborne" line of commercially-sold supplements or "medications", lol, that are supposed to keep people from contracting all types of Viral and Bacterial Infections/Illnesses)...If you take large doses of Vitamin C or take any of the "Airborne" brand supplements in an attempt to protect yourself from contracting any Viral or Bacterial illnesses/infections, and then you find that you haven't contracted any type fo Viral or Bacterial illnesses/infections, it has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the huge amounts of Vitamin C you've taken, but rather to do with your body building-up antibodies/immunities to the specific microbes over-time that cause these illnesses/infections! I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble, but I remember when the "Airborne" brand and other similar supplements were first put on the market, and their advertising-campaigns started out in the very beginning by making statements regarding how "School-Teachers who take "Airborne" weren't being infected with any Viral or Bacterial illnesses that the rest of the populations they live in were commonly contracting and getting sick from"...;The reason they stopped making statements regarding "School-Teachers" is because the Medical Community/Medical Research Community was very quick to point-out that School Teachers, more than the people of any other profession in the US, are regularly exposed to every individual strain of Viral and Bacterial born illnesses that were being seen causing active-illness throughout their communities on a daily-basis, and the actual reason that School-Teachers do not become actively-sick with the Viral or Bacterial illnesses that the rest of the members of their local communities commonly do become actively sick with is due to their constant exposure to and build-up of Antibodies and the resulting Immunities to these microbial-born illnesses, rather than them taking "Airborne" or any other similar brands of "preventative supplements/medications" that contain huge amounts of Vitamin C, or just large doses of straight Vitamin C...

So the point to take-home here is that dosing your birds with any of the over-the-counter or prescription Avian Vitamin/Mineral supplements on a "preventative-basis" is not only futile, but can also be extremely dangerous and cause secondary-illnesses and disease processes due to overdosing...And that includes Calcium supplements such as Calcivet, or any of those horrible Avian "Vitamin Drops" that you can buy at any pet store or even in regular Grocery Stores. The best things you can do to prevent Egg-Binding in female birds as well as any Nutritional-Deficiencies in all birds are to feed them a high-protein, low-fat daily-diet that consists of a Natural Avian Pellet and/or a high-protein, low-fat, extremely varied Seed-Mix as their daily "staple" diet, along with large daily servings for both fresh Veggies and fresh dark, leafy Greens, and then to also provide them with both a Cuttlebone and an Avian Mineral-Block inside of their cages or on their play-stands, T-stands, etc. at all times, which they can eat whenever they feel they need to, and which also help to keep their beaks trimmed....And if you are purposely breeding your female birds or you have a female bird who regularly lays clutches of Infertile-Eggs, in addition to providing them with the above daily-diets along with both a Cuttlebone and an Avian Mineral-Block, you should also give them a small, daily-portion of Egg-Food throughout the entire time they are actively laying Eggs, and throughout the entire time they are feeding baby chicks. If you follow these completely safe, simple steps that post no risk whatsoever to your birds, then your female birds should not become Egg-Bound, and your birds overall should stay nutritionally-healthy.
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Old 05-07-2019, 09:43 PM
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Re: How to discourage "frisky" behavior with toys?

Wow, thank you for the wealth of information. I also once lost a female budgie to egg-binding when I was young and naive and it's such an awful way to go that I'm very vigilant that it doesn't happen again. You've reminded me of a gap I have in my care. Kermit regularly eats kale and LOVES it, which I know is loaded in iron, calcium, and I believe a bit of vitamin A... in conjunction with other veggies like beets on occasion, which also have calcium.

However, I don't provide cuttelbone or a calcium block. I've tried providing a cuttlebone, but she's simple not interested in using it like my female keet was. I've ground down a little bit of it into her pellets before... which I don't THINK is on the same level as using supplements (I avoid those unless my vet has told me to use one).

I will get a calcium block & make both available in her cage just in case, but would it be ok to scratch a little bit of both into her pellets on occasion just to make sure she's getting something out of them?
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