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RedBoat 06-09-2019 11:48 PM

Please Help, i regret buying a conure
Okay let me start this off, i just turned 17 and realize how immature i am for doing this. About almost 2 weeks ago i went to petco with my friend, keep in mind that i wasn't planning on buying an animal, just looking. We saw this pineapple green cheek conure alone in his display, my friend used to own a conure for almost 2 years, he was a pretty cool bird, but i've never been interested in owning a bird. He and another one of my friends pretty much peer pressured me into buying this bird, as soon as they were getting him out of his cage i instantly regretted it, i figured it was too late at that point to say i didn't want him. I honestly didn't think they would sell us the bird without an Id. $400 for a bird at my age is not a small purchase, and i realize how much work a conure is. He can be very stubborn, he bites me HARD and only steps up when he absolutely wants to. I feel like such an idiot, because i realize i really don't want this bird anymore, he's too much for me right now. I've been thinking about returning him to Petco, but i don't want to be a dickhead. I don't know what to do. Another thing that worries me very much is that this bird will get sick or die easily, because he came from petco. This was VERY impulse and i take full responsibility for letting other people make decisions for me. I know i don't have the best friends. I just need advice. Should i return him to Petco? Maybe sell him to someone? I feel like someone else will be able to take much better care of him. I'm an idiot

Scott 06-10-2019 12:07 AM

Re: Please Help, i regret buying a conure
Greetings, thanks for baring your soul to a crowd of strangers! It takes immense courage to admit an impulse purchase, particularly involving an intelligent being.

Thankfully you have the maturity to seek the best outcome from a difficult situation. Would be a good idea to contact Petco as you consider all options. They may give complete or partial refund, perhaps store credit only. If you don't personally know of a good home, Craigslist or similar is least desirable as many folks simply "flip" animals for profit.

I'm wondering if you were on the fence before the biting and stubborn behavior? Parrots are an immense labor of love and require time and energy. If you have any desire to keep him, we can give advice to help reduce such issues.

RedBoat 06-10-2019 12:37 AM

Re: Please Help, i regret buying a conure
Thank you for replying. I could keep him, but im having anxiety about getting too attached to him because i've heard alot of stories of petco pets dying after a few weeks. If i really thought about buying a conure, and i really wanted one, i would have gotten one from someone who handles birds. I literally put zero thought into buying him. The only thing that really got me to buy him is my friend offered to buy him off me once he saves up enough money, but that'll be awhile. And like i said, he has a lot of experience with conures. I might just call up petco tomorrow and see what they say. Training these birds is a lot of work, i've tried training him for days at a time, it's hard, and recently he's been very stubborn and dosent want to do anything but sit on my shoulder and bite me. I just don't have the patience, and i'm at work a lot so i can't spend as much time with him

munami 06-10-2019 12:37 AM

Re: Please Help, i regret buying a conure
Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear that these circumstances have brought you here.

PetCo does take their animals back without questions but they might not return your money. If that's of concern to you, I would at the very minimum sell to a home that would take good care of them.

Jen5200 06-10-2019 01:35 AM

Re: Please Help, i regret buying a conure
Welcome - so sorry to hear that you are in this situation. Conures are pretty much like toddlers....lots of work, lots of attention and lots of time needed :). I’m glad you realize that and are rethinking the purchase - it takes guts to admit that you may have made a mistake and returning him may be a good option. What part of the world are you in? There may also be members here that are interested in adopting this little guy.

plumsmum2005 06-10-2019 03:43 AM

Re: Please Help, i regret buying a conure
Hi hun, breathe! Thanks for telling us your story warts and all. You will need to be sure that you don't want him, it isnt just panic setting in? With work you will have the most amazing friend if you decide to keep. Think carefully hun and have this little one's interests at heart please?

RemiBird 06-10-2019 04:08 AM

Re: Please Help, i regret buying a conure
Calm down. There will be a solution but don't rush into yet another decision that you may regret.
How about you give the bird to your friend that you say has experience with conures. Maybe he can pay you a little bit each month until he pays off the price? Like $40 a month?
If you are not ready for a bird, you are not ready. No need to force yourself to keep it. They are a lot of work. But don't rush into another decision that you may regret.
Instead of Craigslist, do you have like a neighborhood website where people have things they give or sell? It tends to be more safe, that's all.

LaManuka 06-10-2019 04:25 AM

Re: Please Help, i regret buying a conure
I agree with Remibird in that it may be best for you to approach your friend. Second choice is the pet shop. Either way you may not get all your money back but maybe just chalk that up to an expensive lesson learned ...

I bought a green cheek on impulse once, and he became the love of my life until I lost him due to illness last year, and I was (and still am!) completely devastated to have lost him. You are right in thinking they are a huge emotional investment and only you can know whether you are ready for that in your life. Please bear in mind how intelligent and emotional this little one is when you make your decision about his future.

noodles123 06-10-2019 05:43 AM

Re: Please Help, i regret buying a conure
If you and your parents are still using standard cleaning products and Telon/PTFE/PFOA in your home, your bird will get sick and die there, regardless of where he came from. If they don't make these changes, you will be out your $400 dollars anyway---you live with your parents and this needed to be a whole- family discussion. Unless your parents know a lot about birds and understand the level of commitment/lifestyle changes needed to keep one, I would say Petco is a safer space- what happens when you move out and graduate? The bird is going to end up having to stay with them..and be let out daily by them...and bonding with them.

I also have to ask why your friend only had one for 2 years, as these birds should live MUCH longer. What about the fact that these birds live over 20 years and require SERIOUS changes to daily household routines (including cooking and cleaning)? My mom gets mad at the fact that she can't use certain cleaners/pots and pans etc when I visit with her with my bird---you moved your bird into their home and presumably without explaining all of the changes that they would need to take on (presumably because you had no idea). If you didn't already know this, if you keep the bird, your parents will have to revamp, replace and at least investigate the majority of their household appliances, as well as pots and pans due to the risk of teflon toxicosis to birds (see post below). They will also have to stop using things like bleach, windex, candles, fabreeze, air fresheners etc.

I am usually totally against returning birds, but in a home that isn't prepared for a bird, there are too many respiratory hazards (they are seriously sensitive and it doesn't take much). Then there is the fact that you and presumably all of your friends are one year from college (in which keeping a bird is nearly impossible unless you live at home).
You have impulsively purchased a bird with the intelligence of a toddler with very unique behavior, emotional and respiratory needs. The veterinary bills and cost of toys each year (+food) will also be quite high. They require a minimum of 1 annual exam each year (and they hide illness). Basically, if you can't see someone having a child with special needs, then having a bird is a poor choice. Keep that in mind when considering re-homing to friends your age.
If your parents are on-board and willing to make serious changes to their daily lives (no chemicals, no teflon, no scents) and promise to look after the bird/pay for its bills/ let it out daily/establish a bedtime routine ect, then maybe you can keep it. Heck, with you leaving for school, they may be happy to have a new baby in the house---but do not downplay the level of commitment that this will require on their part just to "sell" the idea...And remember, birds who are not properly socialized tend to become obsessed with one person.

I am glad you understand that it was a mistake, but don't just give the bird to your friend because he claims to know about birds..He couldn't keep his for more than 2 years, so what does that tell you? It tells me that it either A) died --likely due to respiratory issues or "mystery" illness, or B) They gave the bird away or sold it due to behavioral problems or a lack of time to care for it.

They are a ton of work and they can/do bite hard, but that is because you are rushing a process that will take months and years.

I am not trying to rub your nose in it, but please don't just give this bird to anybody who claims to have bird experience---especially if they are your age, and especially if they don't still have that other bird. Heck--don't give it to anyone who lives with their parents without explaining that this is going to require them to stop using certain products in their home, establish a bedtime, provide daily out-of-cage interaction etc etc FOR THE NEXT 20+ YEARS. I remember being your age well, and I could totally see myself doing something like that (I actually tried to secretly buy a plot of land and a hog in order to save it from the salughter-house) but that is a silly story for a different day.

That having been said, you won't be able to do this without a commitment from your entire family. Keep in mind, that the longer you keep the bird, the more it will bond to you and the worse the change will be.

noodles123 06-10-2019 05:48 AM

Re: Please Help, i regret buying a conure
Stuff on Teflon and other household chemicals:

When have a bird, any sort of heated mechanism (anything that heats or is heated) and contains PTFE/PFOA/PFCs/Teflon will be out of the question (and most things that heat up or are intended to be heated DO contain these chemicals)--This includes things like pots, pans, cupcake trays, cookie sheets, cake pans etc, but it will also things like include hair-dryers, straighteners, curling irons, curlers, rice-cookers, SLOW COOKERS, popcorn poppers, air fryers, microwave meals (including certain types of microwave popcorn), steamers, irons, ironing board covers, electric skillets, griddles, George Foreman Grills, drip trays, toasters, toaster ovens, poaching pans, electric blankets, humidifiers, heat lamps, SPACE HEATERS, etc etc...
To find out what contains PTFE/PFOA/PFCs/Teflon, you have to call and be a bull about it over the phone (and in some cases, you won't get far). Almost always, it will take a few days for them to get back to you and you must provide the full chemical names, abbreviations and brand-names. Shopping when you have a bird is super annoying..You cannot visually ID these chemical coatings, as they can be colored, transparent, or mixed into metal/fabric during the manufacturing process. Teflon and chemically similar products (PTFE/PFOA/PFCS) have killed birds on separate floors with the doors shut. Similarly, while DuPont claims that off-gassing only occurs at higher heats, there have been myriad bird deaths (even within academic circles) at temperatures well within the 300 degree F range! There is a reason they used canaries in coal-mines and it is because they die very easily due to even low levels of fumes of any sort.

Sleep=essential to hormonal and immune function. Different species have different requirements, but you have to figure out what these are and stick to them. This means that someone must be there to cover and uncover the bird at the same time each night and that your home must be conducive to sleep.

Make sure you aren't using any unsafe products around the bird. This is pretty much everything with a scent (and some things without).

No perfume, carpet cleaner, flea shampoo, aerosols, solvents, air fresheners, paints, smoke of any kind, vaping, sunscreen, bugspray, candles of any kind (organic or non), insecticides, certain soaps/shampoos, fire-places, burning or heated oil/fat, self-cleaning ovens, gas and any household cleaners (e.g., bleach, windex, lysol, fabreeze, scrubbing bubbles, kaboom, pine-sol etc)...You will seriously have to re-think your entire home and your cleaning routine will change a ton.
NEVER use the self-cleaning oven function or try to season cast iron around birds.
The list goes on. Birds have VERY sensitive respiratory systems. Essential oils are also fairly unsafe due to their ability to be absorbed into the blood-stream and due to a bird's sensitive air sacs.

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