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Old 08-11-2019, 11:02 AM
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Sudden Aggression in Conure

I have 3 little conures and they’re all at different levels with regards to how much they trust me. My most tame bird has been a bit aggressive but I put that down to hormones and she’s (unsexed) has become much friendly again.
My least tame never shows aggression to me, we’ve got a good bond going and he (again unsexed) is a beautiful boy.
When it comes to the middle child, she (unsexed) is approximately 2, the pet shop I got her from gave little to no info, and is reasonably tame. She loves head scratches and cuddling but doesn’t like to be picked up, she goes all stiff and sits still until you pick her up, even when being slow and talking. She’s been like that since I’ve had her and for one thing I’d love to stop her feeling like she has to do that if anyone’s got any advice for this?
However that’s not my main issue, my main issue is that she very recently has become VERY aggressive. She’ll land on my shoulder, I’ll turn to look at her and she’ll bite my face (pretty hard!!). She also lunges at me sometimes and has always lunges at other people. If you don’t get out the way she grabs hard, to the point of bleeding.
My only theory is that she’s territorial or hormonal?
Territorial of my room because I let the three out for several hours to fly around my room and chew stuff. So I think she may think the hole room is hers?!
Then with hormonal I’m not sure if 2 years old is the sort of age they get hormonal?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you
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Old 08-11-2019, 11:13 AM
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Re: Sudden Aggression in Conure

Make sure you have them in their own cages.
Pet on the head and neck only.
DO NOT allow any access to dark/shadowy places (huts, tents, coconuts with holes in them, drawers, under furniture, pillows/blankets, low ledges etc).
Cuddles are often very sexual for birds--- even if they look adorable and seek them out.
If you stop petting your bird in places other than the head and neck and provide them some distance from other birds (while removing access to shadowy spaces) you may see some behavioral improvement.

That having been said, when birds do hit puberty, it is always a bit rocky.

PS: Also avoid warm/mushy foods (as there mimic regurgitation and can trigger hormones) and make sure you continue to provide your birds with lots of chewing activities------BUT NOT shredding activities (As these are similar to nesting).

Finally, 12 hours of sleep on a routine is essential for hormonal/behavioral regulation, so get your birds on a bedtime schedule with light/dark if you have not (don't know, maybe you have!)
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Old 08-11-2019, 04:51 PM
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Re: Sudden Aggression in Conure

My 2 year old male GCC went through something similar just recently. He became very aggressive and soon after started to try to mate with everything he could. I got essentially the same advice from noodles123 and went through it like a checklist.

Turned out where his cage was located was too shadowy and he was being triggered for a hormonal response. Moved the cage and after a week or so it all settled right down. Now he's back to his normal self. Small things seem to have a large impact.
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