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Old 08-25-2019, 09:18 PM
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Re: I need help

I know this a far cry from Hermie, but Callum likes to bite my finger when I'm not paying attention to him. It's not remotely hard enough to draw blood. My huge thing with Callum is not reacting at all when he bites me. I don't make a sound, move, etc. Only when he stops, do I immediately give him pressure.

For the blanket, PLEASE ditch it. Being in dark "dens" (caves, hides, etc.) can cause a bird to become hormonal and more prone to biting. The blanket does nothing but make it dark and confuse his day-night cycle and make him hormonal.

You can interact with the bird without opening the cage door. You can sit by Hermie's cage, softly talking, singing, etc. By being near him, Hermie will get used to your presence and become more accepting of you.
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Old 08-31-2019, 03:41 AM
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Re: I need help

Just wondering as you were saying you work from home have you got an office or a area of work ? Have you tryd maybe taking your mums conure in with you will work , in have cage and talking to him and letting him just be around you. Regard letting him/her get used to your voice and and constant daily interaction with you might help as a start towards trust you? When I first got bash he was hand raised so he was used to people which was great but for the first week I sat with him and just talking to him so he got use to me would give him a wee treat if he came over to see me in the cage x I used dried chillies and he loves them. Always could be worth if yous are going out put a radio on to help with him not feeling so alone ? Hope this maybe helps.

Elaine & bash
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biting, gcc

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