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Old 08-14-2020, 10:07 PM
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Exclamation Conure aggression towards budgie!!! HELP!!!

Hi everyone! So I recently got a new budgie about a week and a half ago to be with my sisters budgie who is now mine. I changed my sisters budgie’s diet and put her in a big cage with toys compared to her crammed cage with other budgies. So I’ve been working on taming them. They used to be terrified. My sisters budgie was not tamed at all the other was from petco and wasn’t that afraid. Anyways they are doing great and I’ve pretty much tamed them. (They’re still a little skittish) anyways I decided it would be fine for Hilo (my conure) to meet them. *Note Hilo has seen the blue budgie (my sisters) almost everyday. He climbed on her old cage all the time and would see her.* So I had the budgies eating their seed treats in my hand which Hilo also likes so I thought he would just eat but he immediately went after my yellow budgie (the one from petco who he hasn’t seen very often) he chased her around and it looked like he went for her neck once and kind of tried to go on her but I’m not sure. She wasn’t hurt. I finally caught him and I felt so bad for my little budgie. I couldn’t believe my sweet Hilo. He always seemed to want friends. I find it odd that he didn’t even try for the blue budgie. Is it because he doesn’t know my yellow one as much. I’m pretty sure that one is a girl. I’m not sure on the other budgie. Could it be because she was a girl? Should I let them figure it out and just get him if he tries to hurt her? How do I stop this aggression cause I really want them to all be friends. Sorry for the long post but I could really use the help. Also another note *this happened before when I was putting the budgie in the cage she flew out while Hilo was out and he flew after her but I was fast enough to catch him before I saw what happened
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Old 08-16-2020, 10:07 AM
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Re: Conure aggression towards budgie!!! HELP!!!

"Birds of a feather flock together."
"The Pecking Order."

This and more come into play when Parrots are mixed. There is no assurance that any two Parrots will get along whether they have never seen each other or have for years.

It seems that these two will need to be kept separately...

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Old 08-16-2020, 04:46 PM
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Re: Conure aggression towards budgie!!! HELP!!!

I would strongly recommend you keep your budgie and your conure separated for safety's sake. Budgies can often be their own worst enemy, they do like to get in other birds' faces but in their enthusiasm they can fail to notice that they are trying the other bird's patience. My budgie Val is ALWAYS trying to make friends with my purple-crowned lorikeet Lilly, who by the way is only roughly two-thirds Val's size. Lilly usually rejects Val's advances and she can get quite violent, to the point where she once landed Val at the vet clinic with a superficial injury to his eye. A much larger conure is quite capable of inflicting far more serious damage to a smaller bird like a budgie - one of our members has a budgie who has lost several toes to conure bites and she was lucky that the injury was not far worse! Your budgie and conure definitely need to be well supervised if not separated.

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