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Do It Yourself Creating toys, etc. yourself

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Old 05-04-2019, 10:10 AM
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Re: material safety questions/drafting "mobility toy" designs for special needs budgi

It kind of depends on the bird. If you did use t-shirts, I would make sure that they were 100% cotton and not some sort of weird polyester blend and even then, I would supervise closely, knowing that cotton rope is often discouraged due to intestinal blockage issues.

If your bird is the type to chew on materials (like t-shirts or ropes), then I would probably avoid using cotton. What you don't want is a slow build-up in the intestines from years of particle ingestion. As you already stated, tangled feet would be the another potential hazard. A super thin material might make snags more likely.

All cotton is going to have risks (as are most ropes and leathers--although hemp and sea-grass rope types are somewhat safer)..Side- note: pretty much any rope/material can cause blockages if ingested, but some materials are more forgiving than others (due to the nature of cotton rope toys, it tends to be a bit infamous).

Although I have seen felt-types of fabric in bird toys, I am not convinced that these fabrics are any safer, as many snuggle huts (very unsafe) contain that type of fabric and such huts have been known to cause intestinal blockages as well.

Bird toys in general are kind of "buyer beware" in most cases...I know I didn't exactly answer your question, but those are some things to consider.
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Old 05-04-2019, 11:58 AM
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Re: material safety questions/drafting "mobility toy" designs for special needs budgi

Quote: Originally Posted by OutlawedSpirit View Post
Her right leg she can get underneath her, and she can clench her left foot, but the rest of the leg is essentially frozen and she really can't move it at all. We've tried physical therapy in all of the leg joints from her hip to her foot, and her foot is the only part that has mobility. She will use that foot though. I've seen her hang from the top of her cage with her left foot so she could scratch her head with her good leg.

Can Legs grasp with her feet? If she can, I am certain she could learn to navigate around a cage by climbing the bars, especially if you got her a cage with all horizontal bars. I have a friend with an elderly amazon that can't perch due to severe arthritis so she gave her platform perches and covers them with fabric covers she has sown. It gives extra grip, which you said Legs can get around on fabric surfaces, but it also makes it much easier to keep things sanitary because as long as you make extra, you just change them out and wash them.

I try to always take in special needs birds whenever I have the means, and it really is amazing what they can adapt to. I think if you focus on what Legs CAN do, and build a cage for her around that, instead of trying to build it around what she can't do, she will amaze you.

Legs can grasp and hang by her feet. I would be willing to try a horizontal bar cage, but that is the type that she was born in and once she finally fledged, she would be 99/100 on the cage floor stuck with her feet thru the bars of the grate. A few times she got stuck on the side of the cage and panicked, scaring the bajeezas out of us. She couldn't get around well enough to eat and drink from the bowls, and her parents cold turkey weaned her since she couldn't chase them to pester for food or anything.

Another thing to keep in mind about the cage situation is that I don't ever see her as a bird who will usually be in the cage. Between me and Mr. Bug she is pretty much only in the cage to sleep, and I don't expect that to change all that much in the future.

Legs likes to kill and destroy toys, but mostly wood and natural palm, jute, sola, seagrass etc. She leaves my clothes alone, except to use them to help her get around. We really don't buy many bird toys. Just put together HUGE orders of bird toy parts every so often, and it keeps me busy fiddling around making toys(can't do much right now on account of a broken foot and living on a farm). Currently I have something crazy like 3 big boxes of toy parts and a full box of completed toys waiting for the birds to destroy. Most toys are made with a particular bird's play style in mind. I know I can come up with a "safe" way to do something like this for legs, I just need to keep thinking about it.
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Old 06-25-2019, 02:43 AM
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Re: material safety questions/drafting "mobility toy" designs for special needs budgi

Quote: Originally Posted by OutlawedSpirit View Post
What an adorable baby
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