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Re: Eclectus parrot - Too Scared

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Quote: Originally Posted by Roo1130 View Post
I just got my male ekkie a couple of days ago, I look forward to following your experience as a new owner! My guy is ~6 months old and i just kind of followed his pace after i brought him home this weekend. I think i'm more scared of that big beak than he is of me. Each time i attempt to get him out of his cage it takes me several attempts to get him to really "step up". He sometimes slowly approaches with his beak (not sure if inquisitive/or warning) and then i'll gently back off and talk sweetly too him. Mainly to calm my own fears, if several attempts i can't get him to step up, I put a dish towel over my hand and he shows no fear at me approached him like that and i then feel more comfortable to nudge his belly a little or his foot to continue helping teach him "step up". My other bird would be terrified if approached by a toweled hand, so that may not work for some. I'm just not comfortable pushing him a little yet with my bare hand vs that big beak, but he's been a good boy. Good luck settling in and establishing your own trust bond with your little guy!
I would not worry bout the beak thing to much. when you reach into HIS house to get him out you have entered his domain. I would bet he is just looking to touch your finger to check out who is reaching in. body language is what you will need to study. you will know when he is upset by the body language Maxx back feathers all puffed up and he seems to take on a squaty position which he can and will strike out at if something is coming his way. with Maxx it is real easy to see when this is going to happen. I think some of the biting you may be worried about is just your bird trying to touch you. I was lucky with Maxx and able to be involved in his weaning so he was sucking on my finger at just a few weeks old. to keep the biting and nipping thing down every morning when I uncover him he comes to his door perch and I offer him a finger and he touches with beak and tongue and that is our good morning. I myself don't worry much bout getting bit by any of my birds if it happens it does it is part of the game. as for the towel thing I would not ever use a towel to handle a bird other then doctoring, nail clip and such. and to be honest when you are using the towel you are forcing your bird to do something he does not want to and that is a better way to make an enemy rather that a friend. slow down and relax you and your bird will have a much better experience. put a perch on the inside of the cage door call the bird to that perch so he knows you are intending to get him out, it works

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