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Old 06-14-2019, 10:10 PM
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Re: Few questions for Eclectus owners - newbie doing research

Quote: Originally Posted by shinyuankuo View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
4) Maya is a one-person bird, though I do hope to change that eventually. But Jolly is very much a family bird. I'm his favorite, but he also loves my wife and sometimes enjoys hanging out with my sons.
Could I also ask how your birds interact with each other? Are they not interested in each other? In your environment, how do you prevent breeding?
Well, my current two pretty much tolerate each other. I keep two tree stands out in the living room so that each has their own space. Occasionally, Jolly will fly over to Maya's tree to hang out a bit, which she only allows until the inevitable moment when he goes nosing around in her treat dish. But Jolly is fast (and Maya refuses to fly), so there's never really a safety concern.

As for preventing breeding, I simply keep them in separate cages. Though to be honest, I think Maya would sooner eat Jolly than give him any play. Lol! She was far more interested in my previous male ekkie, Bixby. But he unfortunately was born with an illness and passed away.

Quote: Originally Posted by shinyuankuo
Your birds are amazing! Those are really cool tricks! I love that play gym you have in the living room, too! Thank you for sharing.
Thank you! And you're most welcome!

Quote: Originally Posted by chris-md View Post
Anansi/Stephen always has the best insights - I consider him a dear friend (as much as can be having never met the guy) but he’s also got the biggest fan in me

Regarding hormones, the disparity you hear is down to 1) bird age, and 2) how people care. Hormones come in two flavors: puberty, and maturity (post puberty, the annual stuff, as it were).

Birds do experience puberty differently. Some get smacked upside the head by it, other breeze by it with hardly a change at all. This is purely down to the individual.

The mature hormones (annual stuff, which again isn’t annual in ekkies), you’ll hear different stories for three reasons;

1) care - people simply don’t understand this stuff. They will be petting their bird in all sorts of ways, feeding the bird junk food or high sugar diets. Most are in fact well meaning, just ignorant of proper care. Not to mention many not actually knowing what hormones looks like. Even I sometimes have to question if Parker’s occasional aggressive behavior is hormonal or behavioral based. Not always easy to tell. And let’s be honest, science still hasn’t fully caught up with the eclectus yet. There’s still a lot about their optimal care we don’t know yet. So even those know know, don’t alwyas know.

2) individuality - like puberty, some are simply more easily triggered.

3) sex - females I believe err even more on the hormonal side than boys. Girls just SEE a dark place (under the couch, in the closet, a box) are thrown into a nesting frenzy. Boys tend to be easier to control hormonally speaking.

Natural variation in ALL these aspects is to be expected, of course.
I agree completely with all of these points about the discrepancies in hormones from one bird to the next. Especially that bit about female ekkies losing their minds at the very sight of a dark place. Lol! And Chris, you are quite insightful there yourself, my friend.

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