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MissAnnamarie 02-21-2020 06:47 PM

The rescue Ekkie (13yo female) I'm getting is a plucker. Besides good diet, enrichment, and love of course. Is there anything else I can do to help? I will be her 4th (and forever) home and I want to make it as good as possible. I feel stupid but I'm really excited but also really anxious to bring her home, I just want to give her the best.

Laurasea 02-21-2020 08:05 PM

Re: Melania
Thank you for giving her a home.

1oldparroter 02-22-2020 04:23 AM

Re: Melania
In the different forums here you can read a number of things about parrots and owning them. Also on there are video's (use the search window) like wingsNpaws that may speak of a different species but the reason or method, is good. jh

SailBoat 02-22-2020 07:15 AM

Re: Melania
As an Amazon Snob, I don't have tons to offer short of the huge difference in their diet requirements.

Your location in the Great White North, assures the reality of dryer air and assuring that the Humidity level in your home is at or above 40% is important for your home, furnishings, Humans and your Parrot(s).

With new members, I prefer to mist in the air above them and allowing the mist to fall gently upon them. It adds to the Humidity of the home, but most import it wets your Ekkie without an out and out shower /bath... As you know, some Parrots love shower /bath and some dislike it. Never mist direct in their face!!!

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