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WiseOwl5 04-16-2017 09:09 PM

Inside Jokes
I just thought of a game (sort of). Share inside jokes or sayings that only you, your family or your friends would understand (preferably with an explanation).

I will start. When me or my siblings would get distracted from homework or anyone gets distracted at all, we would say "Squirrel!" or "Stop chasing squirrels!". This comes from an old Disney movie (points to whoever caught that reference). It eventually stuck, lol.

Any inside jokes/sayings you would like to share?

SailBoat 04-16-2017 09:36 PM

Re: Inside Jokes
I'm First, First!

Statement first began when our than five year old Daughter trying to assure that in this dinner serving, she would get served prior to her older Brother. The statement continues to this very day with grand children and the entire family for anytime one who wants or needs to be First!

WiseOwl5 04-16-2017 09:54 PM

Re: Inside Jokes
Ha ha, that's funny!

gracebowen 04-17-2017 07:17 AM

Re: Inside Jokes
I call my kids monsters.
We saw monsters inc when they were little. In monsters inc the monsters started out mean but ended up nice. Also there were 2 monsters that befriended a little girl right away.

ParrotLover2001 04-17-2017 08:18 AM

Inside Jokes
My sister got everything her way!

My at the time 2 year old sister (she's now 6) said "say yes!" To get things her way. She did it until she was about 4 years old when she stopped.
Every time she wanted something she would say, say yes mommy, say yes! If she wanted something when mom wasn't home she'd replace mommy with my name or grandmom, whoever was home. It was cute to begin with, cuteness didn't last long.

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Scott 04-17-2017 10:27 AM

Re: Inside Jokes
"Living the Dream!"

Frequently used by jaded airline pilots when comparing their situation with the "ideal" of the job years earlier. The turn of the century saw a downturn worsened by 9/11 and the wave of airline bankruptcies, leading to layoffs, mergers, and mayhem. Turned the corner now, but the "dream" persists!

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