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Old 01-10-2018, 02:08 PM
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Re: My Birds favorite music

My birds love country music, it must be from me lol!
They love to start out with a small chirp, and as the music progresses, so do their screeches
They bop their heads up and down
They say silence is golden, unless you own a bird, then silence is highly suspicious!

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Old 01-10-2018, 08:47 PM
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Re: My Birds favorite music

Salty likes lady opera singers and Gospel music, who'da thunk?
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Old 02-17-2019, 09:40 PM
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Re: My Birds favorite music

Quote: Originally Posted by clark_conure View Post
I didn't really know which category to post this, so I decided the game room would be fine.

1) What is your birds favorite music

2) Is he/she chirping or singing along

3) Dancing expertise

1) My bird for some reason loves Olivia Newton John especially "Magic" the most, followed by "Kokomo" by the beach boys and "Roar" by Katie Perry.

2) he chirps along

3) at most some head bounce, we need to dance more......

Also this is your bird's favorite, not yours...
Consuela my QP likes anything by ABBA. Big time head bobbing!

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Old 01-17-2020, 07:14 AM
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Re: My Birds favorite music

Grinchie likes 70s music, especially Queen & bohemian rhapsody, Bee Gees and ABBA. There seems to be a particular radio station she prefers she plays the older music.

I have a couple of videos off Grinchie sitting on her perch listening to a bee gee song and Queen song & her tails moving along with the music. She was also whistling but you couldn’t hear it as it was quite over the music.
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Old 01-17-2020, 11:18 AM
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Re: My Birds favorite music

1) What is your birds favorite music
Yoda loves almost all music, he particularly like heavy rock/metal music. Trigger only likes soft, soothing music like my singing or classical.

2) Is he/she chirping or singing along
Trigger only dances/sings to his own little ever-evolving Trigger Song ("Trig-trig-triggety-trig-Triggerrrr!")

3) Dancing expertise
Yoda is QUITE the dancer, he's got better rhythm and more moves than I do!
Happy Parront of Yoda and Trigger. Master Yoda is a Green Cheek Conure. Trigger is a Congo African Grey
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