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General Health Care Remember to use common sense and consult with an avian veterinarian.

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Old 12-31-2018, 04:33 PM
Sunny a female B&G macaw; Japie (m) & Appie (f), both are congo african grey; All are rescues- had to leave their previous homes for 'reasons', are still in contact with them :)
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Re: Interesting read from a pro-Clip Vet

Quote: Originally Posted by itzjbean View Post
But you have to remember not all of us own macaws or birds that are thousands of dollars. Most of us have birds that range around $25-$200, so when you think of it that way, I can see how people can be negligent about this aspect of ownership. There are far many more cockatiels lost in the world than macaws.
Its not the cost of the bird - its about putting your needs and wants before those of the bird (or any other animal).

My macaw was a "plze take care of this bird" bird - I could not afford to pay thousands of dollars
But she gets all the care any of my other parrots did and I would be just as vigilant if she was "just" a budgy or a tiel.
(Dont get me started- I just got offered an entire nest of the latter, " want babies...take m all!" The guy has 8 pairs who are broody...)

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Old 12-31-2018, 04:41 PM
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Re: Interesting read from a pro-Clip Vet

Sigh...there are many types of leashes, one of them is a mental leash it's what the free fliers use. I can't walk 10 ft away without contact calls from both birds.

Also I don't think you get the concept of reduced capacity, (yes I can be an ass) it's not like i'd go outside with clark in gale force winds or a tornado...even if some perfect wind hit and he was able to sail say 100ft or 200ft lets say 300 ft an entire football field. I live on third of an acre and there are few trees or predators around, I can literally, not virtually, outrun him when he's flying due to diminished capacity. It takes more effort for him to stay aloft than he can manage over a duration without effective wings giving him proper lift. Not that he wouldn't turn back anyways, he see's me as shelter.

About 90% of the time he has a jump scare because some tv show does something scary he (1) turns back mid air to me (2) either way I catch him in mid air like a pop fly. The other times he lands and I look at him and say, "what are you doing"...

I actually had a ban warning one time because there was this picture in NYC of all these sun conures hanging out on a stand like on the curb of a street with taxis going by and cars like literally 2 feet away, and I was like wtf that is crazy silly NYC!!! and I was told not to judge NYC people. I live in the outer outer suburbs and there are no real predators around. It's as I said, Owners judge YOUR surroundings and make the best choice for you and your parrot you love more than anything.

If I lived downtown I would always have a leash due to imminent danger. For my situation and all my risk assessments there is more danger inside the home than outside.

Anyways, owners tend toknow what is best in their environment.

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ChristaNL (01-01-2019)
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Old 12-31-2018, 04:55 PM
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Re: Interesting read from a pro-Clip Vet

Our vet calls unclipped birds, ‘shredded tweet’! But our lost, killed, Tango, would most likely still be alive, had she not been clipped!
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Old 12-31-2018, 05:26 PM
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Ta-dah 5yr (F )Turquoise cinnamon GCC, Neptune (M) blue quaker, Penny (F )rescue green quaker, Pikachu (U) lutino quaker, Cloudy and Clear(M's) parakeets, Burt The Bird (F) GCC of 17 wonderful years p
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Re: Interesting read from a pro-Clip Vet

Quote: Originally Posted by ChristaNL View Post
Love the fact that he does a lot of imping.
I can't wait till this is a commonplace procedure (again).
(Sunny would probably really be helped with more suport for the new forming feathers)

I still do not believe that disabling the fly-away-option will make for a tamer /better trainable bird. (The famous freeze/flight/fight being the options they start out with being confronted with something potentially dangerous to them) No animal frozen in fear will have a positive or succesfull trainingsession. I do realize being forced "to face your fears" might have positive results, but I am convinced there are also a lot of cases where the absolute opposite happened.
(fight: My bird is soooo agressive, and bites me...)

To me it is almost as absolete as "sacking" a horse to desensitize it.
(Tie it down so the terrified animal cannot escape, and then touch/hit/etc. it with empty bags all over its body till he stops fighting alltogether -> then it is "tamed")
My neighbor raised horses , abd did this in the 70s I witnessed it, the horses spirit was broken after that, it was terrified, it was terrible and the horse was not the same....he was mad at the horse when he started, these where American Saddle Bred horses he bred, and this colt was high strung and flighty and he was frustrated....I wish I had been old enough to call animal cruelty...
I'm pro flight all the way, grounding your parrot doesn't fix your problems, maybe it makes it easier for you..I woul never put hobbles on human children to make them easier to deal with, so I won't hobble a parrot either via wing clipping
May your joy be as deep as the ocean, and your sorrows as light as the foam.
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