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ParrotGenie 04-20-2019 04:18 AM

Re: African Grey died less 2-3 from when we received him

Originally Posted by ChristaNL (Post 807495)
I was wondering if it might help to get the more succesfull parrot-vloggers on board with this?

I really do not like all this vote-whoring by 'using' parrots, but some like Marlene try to at least educate people along with scraping in the likes and dollars alike.
(I do not think the birdtricks people f.e. will want to risk it.)
Maybe they could help out by shouting out?

As much as I don't agree with YouTube PetTuber's all the time. It is what we need to have a chance to break this open. I have other details on them.

I just sent off emails to them, if you guys could sent one as well to get them to look at it as well. Parrotplayhouse is another YouTuber that did recently got detectives involve in someone that stolen a parrot from a family recently. She also works at time with Marlene. This maybe what needed to get the widespread attention this needs.

AfricanGreyCoco 04-20-2019 07:45 AM

Re: African Grey died less 2-3 from when we received him
If they play the game as she did with others before saying they had other parrot dying and try to say was the one she send. It would be very easy proof you can see on text she said that she had Coco's DND and we just got Kira's DND on 04/18/19...and Dr did not cut Kira's claw, like they did to Coco. Like I said we always want to know for sure about Kira and now I have her DNA and I had picture of his claw cut too.

ParrotGenie 04-20-2019 08:18 PM

Re: African Grey died less 2-3 from when we received him
Another fake review, this is how she fool and get more victims. I had a couple removed this morning through she violated google rules and she just keep putting up more. Was to be expected is that more likely all her positive reviews are fake from the very beginning. I just hoping buyers are searching the name and this thread pop up, especially if they are planning on dropping 2k plus on a bird.

David Brand
1 review
3 hours ago-
I recently got an African Grey from Anna and couldn’t be happier with my decision! He appeared to be in overall great physical shape and I was told he had all necessary vaccinations. To be on the safe side I followed up with my usual avian vet and left with a clean bill of health! It’s been a few weeks and I can say that billy has been adjusting well to his new home! Anna answered every one of my questions in a short period of time, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a parrot!

ChristaNL 04-21-2019 01:40 AM

Re: African Grey died less 2-3 from when we received him
lol @ "he had all necessary vaccinations ", nobody vaccinates a bird as a normal part of the process afaik, so that is a really trustworthy positive pile of nonsense :)

ParrotGenie 04-22-2019 08:43 PM

Re: African Grey died less 2-3 from when we received him
I guess ripping people off selling sick birds and writing fake reviews to scam buyers is not enough.

Temple Property Management and Investment Corp

Of course more fake reviews on this company as well as same writing style as her praising herself. What do you expect from a woman with unbelievable integrity for all she does. LOL Needless to say I won't trust anything she involve with? Likely she found a new way to steal people deposits they put down. Ana's fake new name "Anna Anita"

Salvatore Salafia
2 reviews
5 months ago
Great company run by a woman with unbelievable integrity for all she does. In a world of contractors who don’t show, aren’t committed to projects or just scam, this is a must save contact. They will not fail you!

Joey Murphy
2 reviews
5 months ago-
The most professional painters in the Poconos! Highest quality work. Friendly and very easy to work with.

These two are especially funny and not thought out at all. Like I stated before Ana not very bright. Yes she actually wrote a review without even changing the name and one with Parrots in the name?

Parrots Buddy
Local Guide  18 reviews  4 photos
5 months ago
Outstanding commitment to great communication, integrity and desire to be upfront. Highly recommend.

Ana Temple
5 reviews
5 months ago-

ParrotGenie 04-22-2019 08:55 PM

Re: African Grey died less 2-3 from when we received him
This is the NC address


Originally Posted by Real Review
First to Review
Bought a bird here a few months ago and had a mixed reaction about the place... the supplies for sale are great however the conditions the birds are living in are pretty poor. Anna admitted to me that the bird I was buying (a three month old bird) wasn't used to hands... not something you want to hear from a small breeder that should be hand feeding and socializing the birds to keep them friendly with humans. He's a pretty little guy but still deathly afraid of people and will run from hands... a stark contrast to my other bird from a friendly breeder out of state who had obviously hand reared her. Lots of dirty cages and unhealthy looking birds here... I guess I felt sorry for my little guy and that's why I bought him. I won't go back though.

AfricanGreyCoco 05-02-2019 06:46 PM

Re: African Grey died less 2-3 from when we received him
Today I received an updated from BBB, of course, she will not take responsibility, she sent letter and states she is working with AG, state something about attorney general. Yes, just an update since I purchased the bird from PA, I filed complain with AG in PA, and since she shipped sick bird from NJ, I filed with AG in NJ, USDA, AFA, I filed complain with AG in NY, and since the person who was in contact with me has her phone registered in NY, I filed complain in AG in NY, and since she shipped sick bird to TX I also filed complain with AG in Texas, and regards the treats to myself and my family I filed with FBI. I do believe in the law, I know what happened is not right. I still have faith in attorney general and hope BBB will post the complain on their site soon. I hope no family will never go thru, she has no right to do this with no one.

AfricanGreyCoco 05-03-2019 10:01 AM

Re: African Grey died less 2-3 from when we received him
There was no resolution with BBB, the excuse was that I filed complain with AG and she is working with AG. Anyway, the person who handled the complain with BBB was very nice, but she had to closed the case and the complain will not start showing on BBB site for about 2 months. At least will be there.

AfricanGreyCoco 05-04-2019 08:46 AM

Re: African Grey died less 2-3 from when we received him
BBB site shows the complain today. here is the site, and how the spell the company's name. It only shows: Problem with a Product or Service***it is ok, people will know the detail on this forum

Here is some info not listed in the BBB site:
Problem with Product: Ana sold us bird with PDD and heart diseases which was confirmed on the necropsy results. (Copy of medical records and necropsy results available)
Problems with Services: Ana charged us $ 40.00 for DNA test and never gave us copy of DNA test, Ana advertised a beautiful bird, healthy Congo African Grey and shipped us totally different bird older than what she said the one she sold was (6-8), necropsy result (10-15 years for the type of heart conditions), and he was dying from heart diseases and PDD.
Ana Pullman or Ana Temple still refuse to work out and refund the cost of medical bills from dying Coco she shipped to us, and the DNA test she never provided copy with.

BBB has company complain opened and I hope other victims will have courage to call BBB as well and tell their side of what happened them.

Complaints: will stay only for 3 years
Anas Parrots and Supplies
1635 Cherry Lane RD
Analomink, PA 18320
African Greys, Golden Conures, Macaws, Cockatoos, Golden Parakeet -
(646) 496-5005

greytness 05-04-2019 05:41 PM

Re: African Grey died less 2-3 from when we received him
You might want to write a piece for If someone were to google her business, will pop right up with your complaint. Once it's posted no one can ever remove it.
I did it once and am completely satisfied with how effective it was in getting my story out.

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