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sherylb 08-01-2020 07:54 PM

Irn/losing weight/molting
My iRN is going through a heavy molt, his ring is coming in!! I've been weighing him about every other day. He was 125 grams a few weeks ago before the molting started. We went on vacation and he was boarded for 4 days and he lost 3 grams while I was gone but I figured that would happen since the person watching him didn't give him his chop like I do. Now he's not really eating the veggies he usually likes. He eats some of his pellets. Mostly he sleeps a lot during the day but he isn't fluffed or doesn't look to have any trouble breathing. He is just tired. He does eat nutriberries, some veggies but just not like I am use to seeing him eat. He now weighs 120 and a few weeks ago was 125. Does molting cause them to lose their appetite?? In the evening he seems to perk up and get chatty and playful but during the morning and daytime he's napping on and off?? Maybe a vet visit is in order? ADDING to this just now I mixed up some oats, just a tad bit of water to get it stick and added flax seed and he gobbeled it up really well!!

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