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GraemeShelton 05-11-2008 06:26 PM

What species?

I'm Graeme Shelton and i'm brand new to this forum.

I know this is probably a pretty common theme on this here forum, but here goes. I'm moving to Guelph ontario in a couple of months and am looking for a new room mate (namely a parrot). I will be living in an apartment and therefore would not purchase the bird until I knew for sure I would be able to keep a noisy pet where I lived. But I'm trying to research extensively before I move.

The species that I have looked into with any detail are the Eclectus and Senegals. These both interest me for a few reasons, but please correct me if i'm wrong. They both seem to be very personable species and from what I've read neither seem to be extremely loud (though I know exceptions are always there in the animal world).

Would these species be good choices as I have never kept parrots before? I'm experienced with dogs, cats and reptiles. The reptiles will be the only animals moving with me. Would this pose a serious problem when keeping a parrot (none of my reptiles are bird eaters)?

What other species would you all recommend looking into?

Thanks for putting up with my ignorance!


Auggie's Dad 05-11-2008 07:53 PM

Re: What species?

Originally Posted by GraemeShelton (Post 20571)

Thanks for putting up with my ignorance!

Ahhh, but now we get even as you must put up with our ignorance :p

Welcome to the forum. I don't have hands on experience with either of those species but a senegal could be a good choice.


Originally Posted by GraemeShelton (Post 20571)

I've read neither seem to be extremely loud (though I know exceptions are always there in the animal world).

Here realize that the first part of that statement is relative to other parrots (ie not extremely loud.) Not to discourage, as I have happily had a conure in an apartment for 3 years, but the noise levels they CAN make when they so choose is not to be underestimated.

Really though the second part of your statement is more right on.

Welcome again, browse around the forums, as another future bird ownee (yes ownee not owner) was recently asking similar questions prompting a pretty good discussion.

Auggie's Dad 05-11-2008 07:57 PM

Re: What species?
oh yeah, what kind of reptiles? I can't imagine any problem at all between reptiles and birds, as long as they each have their own space and you are prepared for the possibility that they may not have any interest in getting along with each other.

Depending upon the reptile, odds are it would be a good deal for feeding, as most good foods for reptiles are great for birds: fresh veggies and fruits...

danewillow 05-12-2008 07:16 AM

Re: What species?
We have 2 boas and a python as well as our two parrots. They get along great! Snuggling all the time. Just kidding! We keep them separated at all times. The snakes are always in their enclosures. If they aren't, the door to the room they're in is closed (we have cats too). Make sure you wash your hands between handling birds and reptiles. Reptiles can carry salmonella and you don't want to smell like a bird if your reptiles are meat eaters.

GraemeShelton 05-12-2008 12:14 PM

Re: What species?
I have a couple african egg eaters, a saharan uromastyx and a day gecko. I was mainly thinking of the salmonella thing. I wasn't planning on letting them ever have contact :) . I just read in one book about how "Conures should never be kept in a house with reptiles" and I was curious what y'all thought.

As for the food, many of the foods do indeed seem to overlap. :) My Uromastyx only eats fresh fruits and veggies, so it wouldn't be too much extra food prep in the mornings :)

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