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jenphilly 06-20-2017 04:02 PM

Re: "Why is she screaming?!" Um... XD

Originally Posted by Kiwibird (Post 657748)

Originally Posted by jenphilly (Post 657740)
I was giggling imagining the reaction... all I could think of was how my daughter reacts to a spider or me when we are outside and bats are flying around.

The same daughter who owns all those giant snakes:p???

Yeppers, same one.... big snakes, small snakes, everything in between... and man eating amazon vulture bird... but a tiny spider and she'll scream like a girl. I can try to video tape it for you... hopefully I can get it uploaded before she hacks my body into small pieces and feeds it to said Amazon vulture bird...

Great story, she'll hate me for sharing... but it is timeless classic funny.

Years ago when she had multiple horses they were boarded at a private farm and we took care of everything. One afternoon we were heading home and she has always been a bookworm, she had a book with her and we were driving in the pickup truck when she opened the book and there was a daddy long leg type spider in it... She literally threw the book one way (screaming the whole time) and tried climbing across me like she was gonna jump out the window - yes I was driving. Thankfully I did not run off the road... but we had to stop and sweep out the truck before she would get back into head home... needless to say I don't think she picked the book up rest of the drive...

Yeah, she can wrestle a 12 foot reticulated python who is hungry with a bad attitude, but a harmless little daddy long leg spider and she is like a cartoon character with the feet running but not moving anywhere :)

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