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WiseOwl5 04-03-2018 03:43 PM

Is tap water ok?
What do you use to water your parrots? Do you think tap water (with chlorine) is ok to use? I ask because I've been airing on the side of caution and watering the budgies with Britta filtered water and I'm not sure if I could just use tap water.

itzjbean 04-03-2018 03:51 PM

Re: Is tap water ok?
I have been giving straight tap water to my birds since I've had them (3 years) and not a thing has come from it. We do not have soft water. If it is safe for humans it is safe for birds. I clean bowls with soap and water daily.

Kiwibird 04-03-2018 03:55 PM

Re: Is tap water ok?
Unless you live somewhere with especially disgusting water, it should be fine. Kiwi has never drank anything but tapwater and is as healthy as a bird can be:)

OutlawedSpirit 04-03-2018 04:03 PM

Re: Is tap water ok?
I've always used tap water for my birds. Even when mixing formula for chicks, I've usually used tap water. The only exception was when I was feeding exceptionally young chicks, then I would use filtered water, just because they are so delicate.

WiseOwl5 04-03-2018 04:06 PM

Re: Is tap water ok?
Ok, thanks everyone!

cnyguy 04-03-2018 08:19 PM

Re: Is tap water ok?
The water where I live is very heavily chlorinated. Turning on the tap brings a smell almost as strong as you'd get from opening a bottle of chlorine bleach. There's no way I'd drink it myself, and I won't use it for the parrots to drink or bathe in. I bought a tap-mounted filter (Culligan) which does an excellent job of removing the chlorine smell and taste, as well as other impurities in the water-- a big improvement over what comes straight from the tap.

wrench13 04-03-2018 09:16 PM

Re: Is tap water ok?
Another vote for tap water. We have OK water here, not as good as NYC water but not bad. We drink it and so does Salty.

SailBoat 04-03-2018 09:41 PM

Re: Is tap water ok?
Most 'town-water' systems will add chlorine to their water year around.

Depending on the source(s) that amount will sometimes vary based on a chemical evaluation of the source water(s). When you can clearly smell it, clearly the level is high! The easiest and lowest cost way to reduce the level of chlorine in drinking water is to have an open water pitcher in the refrigerator - within twelve to twenty-four hours, the level has been greatly reduced.

Our Amazon has access to both soft City Water with minor amounts of chlorine and soft Well Water. He drinks both with equal intensity.

I hope that this helps.

FYI: If you are using 'town water,' they are required to make a yearly evaluation available to the users of the water system. That evaluations commonly includes EPA required testing results and the common percentages of all 'additives' added to the supplied water. If you have consistently high level of Chlorine, if it was me, I would be asking why!

WiseOwl5 04-03-2018 11:38 PM

Re: Is tap water ok?
Well, we don't really have town water, but you could call it that. Since we live 25 minutes away from the nearest town, we haul water from a sort of public well run by our "Municipal District" (sort of a rural government I guess). They definitely add chlorine, as it looks green.

We don't drink it just to be safe, but we do use it to water the chickens. I guess if it hasn't killed any chickens it's probably fine for parrots. Thanks for everyone's input! :)

Carl_Power 04-04-2018 03:12 AM

Re: Is tap water ok?
Clean tap water is fine. In the wild huge flocks ambush large trucks transporting bottled spring water because they just wont drink anything else :)

If your uncomfortable you can always boil the water to clean it then cool it so its cold x

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