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Old 01-05-2019, 09:50 AM
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Re: Poor girls pac o bird!

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Super cute poor girl's pac o bird! It's reason to celebrate when you find a good deal on parrot products, thanks for sharing! The best part though is how adorable Neptune looks in his new adventure module.

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Old 01-06-2019, 10:59 AM
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Re: Poor girls pac o bird!

Someone asked me to post a photo of it a long time ago when I first made it, and I forgot to do it, so I'll take one here today and post it...I actually made 3 of them; the first one was the "practice" one, although it worked out really well, it just needs to have it's sides fixed a little (I never re-did it because the other two I did the right way and I got lazy, lol)...It was a lot of trial-and-error with choosing what to use as the sides/back/front to make the bag "square" or however you want to say it, the sides/back/front not only have to be solid, and you have to then be able to cut places for the windows and the door. I already had a nice Burton hiking backpack that had a solid back to it, so I took it apart and remove the "internal frame", which is just a square/rectangular piece of flat, non-flexible plastic that is inserted down inside the internal and external fabric...So I went online and found large pieces/sheets of sturdy, flat plastic/acrylic that you can cut to size. Then I chose a material that I wanted to use to line the interior of my "pak-o-bird", and I chose a waterproof canvas type of material from Jo-Ann Fabrics, very similar to what the outside of backpacks are made out of. Then I sewed that internal-lining material onto each inside wall (front, back, left, right, top, bottom), leaving one edge on each side open...Then I cut individual pieces of the sheet-acrylic to fit into each internal "pouch" I had made between the exterior backpack and the interior lining material, and then sewed each pouch shut...I had first removed all of the external pouches/zippers/etc. from the backpack itself, and the opening was on the top, and I kept it that way, so the "door" to my pak-o-bird was on the top, but it was now a solid door and the backpack was a solid, squarish shape just like the real pak-o-birds. Then the hard part-cutting out my windows on each side/front, putting in the mesh for the windows, and sealing around the mesh...I put a window on each side and the front, and left the back (the part that rests against your back when you're wearing it), the bottom, and the top door solid. I found a very strong, see-through mesh netting with a tight weave at Lowes and bought one sheet of it, cut it to size, and then I carefully measured and cut window in first the external backpack material, then the internal liner material, and then I used my Dremel to cut-out the window in the plastic. Once I had a the window cut through, I then used Gorilla Glue Superglue-Gel to glue the plastic to the inside of both the external backpack material and the internal liner so it wasn't always slipping around inside of the liner..let that dry, then put the mesh windows inside as well, glued them in all around their borders, and then sewed some of the left-over interior liner canvas material to make a nice-looking, clean edge around each window...

I did the same thing on the top/door, secured the plastic frame inside the external and interior materials with glue so it was solid and not slipping around inside, and then used some of the interior canvas liner material to make a clean looking edge around the inside edge of the door. Then I sewed on 4 of those adjustible, plastic, interlocking clips that you see on backpacks/bracelets/etc. to the pack and the door, and then used some cool paracord in each clip to make it adjustable so that the door would shut/lock and be even...Then it was pretty much done, just had to put some nice fleece material on the inside floor of the pack, made a perch out of a 1" diameter wooden dowel and used the Dremel to make it uneven (to prevent Bumblefoot), and attached it inside with a $0.75 grommet glued to each side on the inside that the dowel ends just pop right into and can easily pop right out of for cleaning...I also attached a small-sized, plastic crock to one of the sides by using JB Weld to fuse the plastic crock holder to the internal plastic frame through the interior liner, that way the crock itself can just be pulled out for cleaning but it's holder stays permanently attached to the inside of the pak...That's pretty much it. Little details on the outside/clean-up of some edges and tightening of loose fabric...It really wasn't difficult at all to do, just a lot of trial-and-error with different materials...the hardest part by-far was making a solid, internal frame on each side/bottom/top/front that could easily be cut to insert mesh windows into...But the acrylic sheet plastic worked great, I just copied what Ozark Trail uses for their internal frames, lol...

Whole thing cost under $50, with the Ozark Trail hiking backpack costing $30 and the rest being the acrylic plastic sheets and the interior lining material, and then the $8 plastic crock.
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Old 01-06-2019, 11:13 AM
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Re: Poor girls pac o bird!

Can't wait to see pictures!!!
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