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Minimaker 01-11-2016 10:09 PM

Amazing water bottles
I have a serial food dunker in this house, and she won't stop for anything. The water bowl is always a disaster and I have to change it multiple times a day. It's a pain because she still enjoys a good food bowl guarding purely for sport and once in a great while pinches the top of my hand for good measure (just in case I didn't get the point about the bowls being hers).

Recently I ran across this water system and it's amazing and very easy to clean. It's big macaw proof, stops those pesky dunking sessions completely. Even allows me to leave for the day without worrying she'll dump her bowl or fill it with bacterial filth while I'm gone. It's HEAVY duty, I'd say basically indestructible if not completely so. The tip on the macaw-size bottle is hardcore strong, she does her worst with that greenwing beak and it still keeps on truckin'. This water bottle has made my life easier, and for that I say "Thank you Birdy Butler, thank you. You were worth every penny." :D

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Brittany741 04-04-2016 10:16 PM

Re: Amazing water bottles
I've been very tempted to add these to our cages. I'm a wheelchair user and need assistance changing and cleaning water dishes, and I also have two dirty water dish birds. This would be an additional source of water, I'm just concerned about bacteria potential. I wish they were completely stainless.

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