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texsize 12-03-2016 04:25 PM

Cheeky's story
I normally go to a family owned pet shop every other week. I go to this store for 2 main reasons.

They have more variety of pets (birds) for sale.

They sell really big millet seed sprays in a big bag.

Went to the pet shop one time and saw this lovely whiteface cockatiel. I was not looking for more cockatiels so I moved on.

3 trips later (6 weeks) the whiteface was still there. He had a really unusual song and his “voice” was louder that the average cockatiel.
Now I still wanted to have baby cockatiels and having 2 hens with no partner I thought this whiteface might work out with at least one of the “girls”. So I asked the store owners and was told that they got him from a different breeder than their regular suppler.

So I bought him and named him Cheeky because of his lack of orange cheek patches and his bold as brass attitude and singing ability.
I put him in a cage with both Pinky and Sunny quietly hoping for a pairing with Pinky.

My hopes were dashed because he picked Sunny. It soon became obvious that Pinky was the one that made “three’s a crowd”. I had to move pinky back in with my 2 bachelor birds (Lucky & Baby)

Since Cheeky and Sunny became an “item” I have had 2 clutches. Cheeky and Sunny have been good parents to their babies with one exception. Before the babies are ready to leave the nest they start plucking the feathers off of the baby’s head and neck.

I ended up letting Cheeky and Sunny have Supervised visitation. I put the baby’s in the parent’s cage for feeding and when feeding turns into plucking I take them out.

Having baby cockatiels has turned into a case of “be careful of what you wish for, you might get it”. I have truly enjoyed raising baby cockatiels. It’s a miracle to watch them grow. But because of the plucking issue I think I will have to keep Sunny and Cheeky in separate cages.
Of the current clutch of babies (4) 2 are weened and 2 still being fed by the parents. 1 is a Lutino and the other 3 normal greys.
I plan on selling and if someone in my area is interested in tame cockatiel’s they can get in touch with me through the forum here.

Scott 12-05-2016 09:29 AM

Re: Cheeky's story
I have never seen a "whiteface" tiel before! Almost looks like a species other than a tiel! What Cheeky lacks in coloration is more than made up in vocalization and personality!

Interesting how the genetics played out with the babies.

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