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LeaKP 09-29-2018 04:19 AM

Re: Kevin in Greytown 2.0

Originally Posted by GaleriaGila (Post 769556)
Pink is the new... GREY?


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LeaKP 09-29-2018 08:54 AM

Re: Kevin in Greytown 2.0
So this is now happening. Kevin is inspecting the Kingdom.

Afterwards he climbed on his personal carrying litter (a stick [emoji23]) and allowed the servant to walk him back to his penthouse.

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SailBoat 09-29-2018 12:42 PM

Re: Kevin in Greytown 2.0
In The Wind

Pricilla called Julio to update him regarding Sara’s hiring. Well Julio, it looks like we just closed a circle that has been several years in the making. As you know, we are in Telavi and she has signed her life away. She starts the middle of October and at present, the plan is that she will spend the last half of October at the Amsterdam Office. Which brings up the question, when will you be here next?

Julio was slow in answering and Pricilla quickly picked up on the delay; What’s going on? I had just completed a discussion with Frederick. He is very concerned about a level 5 conversion in the spider web security system. Her response was: Where? South China Sea involving the Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, he responded. What? She came back with. A very large increase in manufacturing among those Island nations supported by an increase in specific materials flowing in connected with higher utility demand. None of our customers seem to be involved. What is the reliability level? Some place in the 80+ percentage. What is happening now? Frederick is reconfirming the data. Any commercial eyes in the sky there? That’s being analyzed currently. Recommendations? Not as of yet. Pricilla said, Yellow-Nape really doesn’t have much in that area. Nothing on the ground, voice and data communication at best. Should we step the watch level up in that region? Julio stated that Frederick does not want to alert anyone that maybe part of whatever it is going on. None of the big players or even the mid players appear to be involved. Now it is very likely that some governments in the region are, like China and Russia, Julio added. At this point, he is recommending steady-state. Okay, when are you planning on completing your next World tour Pricilla asked?

First Julio stated: That third candidate continues to set-off alarms, nothing confirmable, but he has ties with several ‘birds’ in that region that is just enough to encourage us to walk away. Pricilla stated that she had requested James to take a deeper look and she wants to see what James turns-up. After all, at this point, I want him to call it quits on that one. After all he really wanted Sara. Julio stated that he fully understands that, but she would be bored to tears there in less than a month. Also, I’m a bit concern with Sara coming on-board and Mrs. Mac remaining. I think we should consider offering her something in one of the support offices in Europe, Julio added. Good point Julio, I’ll ask our HR staff here to take a look at it before I leave.

Julio cut in stating: Just getting a flash from the spider web. James’ Security Manager appears to have washed-up on a beach in South Africa. According to this report, a Parrot’s body had been found at the shoreline on the Eastern Sea Coast. Police are reporting a clothed body washed ashore late Friday afternoon that match a missing Parrot report filed by a staff Parrot of Cape Parrot Law Offices early last week. Pricilla stated, I’m going to let his staff Parrot provide that information to James’ as well. He needs to believe in his staff and us. It has been a very difficult couple of months for him and his staff, and they need to pull together knowing they are a team.

Well Pricilla, what is your opinion of the P180 aircraft? I spoke with my Pilot prior to joining the others in our hanger’s offices regarding the aircraft and he will be posting a full response and recommendation report shortly. But, I was very happy with the quiet cabin and I found that I was, hmmm, I had more energy after the flight. The flight time reduction was also much enjoyed. But, I would really like a recliner style seat for my legs and claws. Good information Julio stated, I know that the seats can be switched out with easy, let me find a seat that you will find more comfortable. If memory serves, you found the Gulf Stream seating much more comfortable. I will look in that direction, if you agree.

Julio’s laptop binged with a news flash. Looks like we have a cover to get into that conversion area. Seems that a Major Earthquake and Tsunami just hit that area. Julio sent her the link so she could see the news report. Interesting she replied, but you still own me a travel date!

AmyMyBlueFront 09-29-2018 08:19 PM

Re: Kevin in Greytown 2.0
'Ol Kevin has certainly made himself comfy in short order in his Kingdom, hasn't he?? And I am very confident that his staff and personal servant's have played a MAJOR role in making him feel relaxed and at ease,and LOVED,like all Royalty should!

Well done to all who have made this possible,to a once frightened and nervous and unsure Grey,who now looks like he is loving every moment in his forever home!




LaManuka 10-02-2018 02:35 AM

Re: Kevin in Greytown 2.0

Kevin gazed wistfully from his perch beside the window, reminiscing about that one wondrous night at the Hot Henz Gentleroosters Club. He would never know her name, but that didn't matter. He vowed to never wash off her lipgloss - at least not until his next bathtime.

For love is made up of such fleeting moments as these, when a rooster's fancy turns to ... oooh.... here comes breakfast!!

SailBoat 10-02-2018 06:07 AM

Re: Kevin in Greytown 2.0

Originally Posted by LaManuka (Post 770214)

Kevin gazed wistfully from his perch beside the window, reminiscing about that one wondrous night at the Hot Henz Gentleroosters Club. He would never know her name, but that didn't matter. He vowed to never wash off her lipgloss - at least not until his next bathtime.

For love is made up of such fleeting moments as these, when a rooster's fancy turns to ... oooh.... here comes breakfast!!

That is just so moving, so funny and so true! Truly High Humor mixed with Reality!

LeaKP 10-02-2018 06:52 AM

Kevin in Greytown 2.0
Priscilla and Julio.

What to do with them, mused Nigel. Why Priscilla has been around the organization for years, but her double-agent ways had to be dealt with. Kevin and Nigel both agreed, during a video conference call, that all are entitled to profit a bit but the blatant disregard for Greytown and it’s welfare had been disregarded completely. Priscilla’s leak needs to be secured and what consequences she is to face have to be enforced. No one wants to clip her wings but the time has come. She has been too free flying in her ways. Not even a harness for her this time.

Julio on the other hand, they Mayors of Greytown 1.0and 2.0 mused, had played his double agent ways well. Without his help there would have been no way of tapping into Priscilla’s overprofiteering. His wings wouldn’t be clipped, no, he would be harnessed for a time of training at headquarters. 2.0 was chosen as his place of training as the limelight was too heavy on 1.0.

Deep Beak had done well, he is unquestionably the most valuable informant and enforcer and eraser the organization had ever had. A reward was in order: unlimited palm nuts and unmonitored flight over Greytown 1.0 and 2.0 was deemed appropriate.

In the meanwhile, a certain lovely eclectus has recently finished her probationary period. She has come to replace Nigel’s former flame and work in intelligence under the scrutiny of Kevin. Her favorite lipstick is a bright shade of pink, is it coincidence?

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LeaKP 10-02-2018 06:55 AM

Re: Kevin in Greytown 2.0

A special moment of pure enjoyment of palm nuts for a Deep Beak.

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LeaKP 10-02-2018 06:57 AM

Re: Kevin in Greytown 2.0

Certainly this was the loveliest replacement eclectus ever. Kevin loves the lipstick.

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LaManuka 10-02-2018 04:11 PM

Re: Kevin in Greytown 2.0
And now for something completely different..........

(Please read accompanied by the tune of "The Liberty Bell" as used by Monty Python if possible)

Breaking News from Briz Vegas from the Australian Associated Parrots Press.....

Rumours of a deep schism within the Australian governing coalition party continue to swirl. Deposed ex-PM Malcolm Turnbullfinch continues his Twitter attacks from high aloft in his New York penthouse eyrie, demanding that Home Affairs Minister Peter Buttonquail be referred to the High Court over conflict of interest claims. Mr Buttonquail has retorted that there is no conflict of interest, and that all his private and governmental interests dovetail together quite nicely, thank you very much!

It is now widely accepted that Mr Buttonquail’s failed tilt to become Prime Minister was merely a smokescreen to enable current PM ScoMo to rise through the fog of factional war to seize the leadership. Both hard right and left factions were long unhappy with Mr Turnbullfinch’s policy of appeasement which ultimately satisfied no-one and left the government directionless and stagnating. A spokesbird from the fringe Far North Queensland Cassowary Party was recently overheard saying “It’s a shame ScoMo never gave Malcolm that uppercut he so desperately deserved before he took off to New York to lurk around United Nations HQ like the rent-seeking socialist crony-capitalist he is!” The spokesbird was propping up the bar at the Cairns franchise of the Hot Henz Gentleroosters Club whilst making the above statement.

Meanwhile, 5-times-removed ex-Prime Minister Julia Guillemot remains the only PM to have been unseated from leadership by her own party colleagues not to have backstabbed, white-anted or similarly undermined her successor from the backbench. Observers in Briz Vegas concur that this is because she is a species which is vanishingly rare in Australian political life — a classy bird.

More details when they come to hand.... if you're very unlucky!

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