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Old 02-23-2019, 03:40 PM
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Re: Giggles Adventures

Sounds like you’re making great progress with her! Have you thought about target training? With her willingness to be bribed by seeds, she’d have it down in no time, and the training really helps to build trust.

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Old 05-06-2019, 06:35 AM
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Re: Giggles Adventures

Giggles has settled into the new cage we got her. She seems more contempt when she is in during the day. The cage has a lot more room for her and in the other cage during the day when we couldn't let her out. She would constantly make her self known being the loudest she would. walking all around the bottom of the cage, being extremely active trying to find a way out. Only enjoyed being in there when she would go to sleep.

It is more difficult to get her into this cage, but we are working on a new routine. The door is only at the front she enjoyed her side door on the last cage. She would use the front door as an exit and the side as an entry to her cage. We may put in a side door in this cage. She has a few more perches and a swing (she hasn't used the swing) but she enjoys jumping from perch to perch. I don't think she feels so trapped in this cage.

I am still making progress with Giggles. I sometimes need to herd her with my hand, without grabbing her I will move my hand behind her and lead her in the direction I wish her to go, sometimes if she doesn't she will end up on my hand or arm for a few minutes before flying off.

She hasn't spoken again since her one Hey. But she still answers me when I call to her. When I say Giggles or Hey she will start replying which is a great help when she is out of the cage and I am not sure where she went.

Still a mind of her own though. She makes it known that she will do what she wants, if she knows she isn't suppose to do it, she will be quite, but once she is caught, she will continuously chirp....

If she is up high where she is not suppose to be, I will sometimes use my walking stick to lead her down. Now once I grab that and she knows she not suppose to be there she will move. Helps if she manages to fly into the laundry because I cant reach her or into a cupboard I cannot reach when the doors open. Because my legs don't work right I can't safely stand on things so the stick helps. I never hit her with it and she isn't scared of it. (half the time I have to gently nudge her with the stick before she moves) or if I am using the stick to aid in my walking she doesn't run from it, sometimes she even hops around on the floor following me. Never walks, she is always jumping around.

She is spending more and more time on the floor now. Often after a bath she would fly to the safety of her cage and sit on the roof for a while. Now after a bath she often flies to the ground and finds somewhere to chill for a while. If the rabbit is out she will sit under the table with him.

When I try and get her to try new foods, the only way she will try them is if I put them on top of the cage near where she often sits. If in her cage or anywhere else she will ignore it or wont go anywhere near that part of the cage. If it is a treat that she likes, she will start nipping at my fingers to tell me to back off. She isn't food aggressive and only does gentle bites. Unlike when we first got her and she broke skin. It is more my fingers are in the way of her getting her treat. She even sometimes shares treats with the rabbit when he is out. fruit and vege, altho she has to be quick or he eats fast.

Hoff the rabbit barely notices Giggles, he will sometimes go and sniff her but that is it, she sometimes follows him around, sits with him. He has never chased her (he always chases and follows the chickens when he is outside) She can sometimes be seen just perched somewhere watching him.

Last year when I got approved to live in the Netherlands I was given plants, so one is in the window she sometimes flies to the window and looks around when she is sure no one is watching she will bite off some of the leaf and quickly fly back to her cage to eat it... cant remember what pant is called but isnt poisioness.

New perch, so we have our bike pump in the living room at the moment and it is front of the window. Giggles found it to be a nice perch, on nice days she will sometimes sit on it (it is a stand up one) and watch the world outside. Where I am the house is next to the footpath and no front yard (i do miss having a front yard) and if someone walks past she wil fly away from the window. She is fine when cars drive past, long as there are not to many. One car she will watch, 2 cars puts her on alert and 3 cars she will fly away if they come too close together.

The poop is the major issue. Because I have balance issues when I walk I often touch furniture as I walk, my husband has his chair where she mostly lands and ends up pooping. I know she does this multiple times a day but without fail I touch it, fresh and wet.... Always in the same spot, so having to wash my hands and the chair multiple times a day get s a little annoying... But hey it is what birds do. She is my little poop machine.
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