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Williamsong 01-13-2015 06:17 PM

Plum headed parakeet
Does anyone have any personality information with plum headed parakeet ? Like are they nippy, are they cuddly etc.

RavensGryf 01-13-2015 06:45 PM

Re: Plum headed parakeet
They're in the Psittacula family along with the popular IRN's and Alexandrines. I had one once but never tamed down so he went to a breeder where he was happier than as a pet.

Plum headed parakeets like all species in their family are generally hands off birds, as it's against their nature to be cuddly. They also have a tendency to "go wild" more easily than other parrots if not handled regularly enough when they're tame. Certain IRN's will allow some degree of snuggling, but most won't, and I do think the slightly smaller Plumhead has even more of a tendency to be flighty. If you got a handfed who was very used to consistent and early handling, you can have a nice buddy to sit on your arm or shoulder. They're known to be wood chewers.

SilverSage 01-14-2015 12:54 PM

Re: Plum headed parakeet
Very pretty, kind of flighty, not known as cuddles, and a little hard to find.

urooba06 09-09-2020 01:31 AM

Re: Plum headed parakeet
I got myself registered specifically to answer this question and elaborate on the thread.
Allow me to enlighten you all, because as it happens, the information on the internet on plumheads is so inaccurate, it's hilarious.

When the gods of destruction left the planet, they left plum headed parakeets as their agents.
Parrots? Nope.
they are part monkeys, part bats, part volcanoes and part tsunamies.

Cuddly? Of course they are. They cuddle by sitting on your shoulder, wrapping your hair around them and letting you know they'll rip you apart if you move your face, much less bring a finger near them.

But see, here is the thing. They don't actually bite, even if they growl like they'd love to see you destroyed. They're just pompoms who make sure bigger parrots know how powerful pompoms can be.
Don't let them know I told you that.

I got mine as hardly a month old baby, so he's very attached and loves to hang upside down from my hair (or ear or shirt or finger, he doesn't care what the perch is made of). You won't get to cuddle them, they will love you on their own terms. I cuddle mine by grabbing him and smooching him before he chirps and flies away. Just to return to preen my head.

They love singing in the rain, just to let you know;
even if they don't know how to sing properly.
Laws of gravity do not apply to them.
They chew things with an unmatched passion.
The world is their toy.
Whenever they get bored, they'll simply sneak close to another parrot and start chewing its leg
whenever they want a toy, they'll simply sneak close to another parrot and start chewing its leg
masters of strategy.
masters of balance.

All in all, just little floofs trying to let the world know they are above all beings.

God, I love them.

Hope this clears enough things for you all.
And if anyone gets a plumhead just to keep it in a small cage, me and mine shall personally hunt them down.
do not bother them, and do not adopt them for entertainment purposes. they need space, toys, and above all, sigh, worship.

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