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hpatel 09-15-2020 07:51 PM

Do IRN get cold?

Fall is approaching out here in New England and as it cools down outside, my house also becomes a little cold. I turned my AC off and have changed my wardrobe from shorts and tanks to sweats and hoodies.

I am wondering if my little baby indian ringneck gets cold? He seems to be puffed up when he is just sitting and I feel like he is probably cold but I am not sure what I can do to make him comfortable. Any suggestions?

noodles123 09-15-2020 08:32 PM

Re: Do IRN get cold?
YES!!! Any parrot gets cold with a temperature change that is more than 10 degrees in a short period...Think 1 degree change per day....and still, avoid drafts etc etc. They really need temperatures to be pretty consistent (they cannot regulate as we do, and they cannot add more clothing). They can go into shock from extreme changes, and die when a human would not....

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