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Hannah_rio 10-10-2020 12:11 AM

Lost GCC ! Need advice
hello , 2 days ago , we took my gcc out with his leash . we where in the park and it was his first time going out. i was holding on to the leash lightly but suddenly he just took off flying . his wings are clipped and i never knew he could fly so much . we looked for him for hours and the next day too. can someone give me advice on how i can find him ? he wont be far away as he cant fly long . i am very worried and i really want to find him . do you think he will survive? where could i possibly find him ?
P.S i have also put his picture on an animal welfare group .

LaManuka 10-10-2020 12:27 AM

Re: Lost GCC ! Need advice
I'm so sorry to hear this! Unfortunately clipped birds are still quite capable of sustained flight if there is sufficient wind to get lift or if they are frightened enough. Have you listed him on 911ParrotAlert yet? Here's the link if you need it....

Here's another link to the ParrotAlert page regarding their search and retrieve strategies that you may also find helpful...

And a link to our own "Bring Them Home" page which may give you some more ideas...

You can also make up paper flyers and do an old fashioned letter box drop in your neighbourhood, about 25 years ago I got an IRN back the same day using this method. Alert every vet clinic anywhere near you, avian specialist or not, your GCC may find a friendly shoulder to land on and they may hand him in to a clinic.

Best of luck to you, and I hope you get your baby back soon!

Hannah_rio 10-10-2020 12:30 AM

Re: Lost GCC ! Need advice
Thank you so much Lamanuka ! do you think he will stay in one place or fly around as he would be frightened ? also does anyone have an idea where you think he would sit ? like on a tree , on the ground , bush , near water etc ?

LaManuka 10-10-2020 01:09 AM

Re: Lost GCC ! Need advice
Oh gee, after two days it's hard to say for sure. Some stay high up in trees, others may seek out a likely looking human in search of protection. How proficient a flyer he is will depend on whether he learned to fly as a fledgling before he was clipped too. We have had a number of members get their birds back via the 911ParrotAlert site, even local community Facebook pages have yielded success. And birds have been known to be reunited with their owners weeks or even months after being lost, sometimes even longer, so don't give up the search!

Laurasea 10-10-2020 07:09 AM

Re: Lost GCC ! Need advice
I'm so sorry to hear this, my quaker escaped so I know the heart ache.

He still has his harness on? Oh thats scary for catching branches. Do a spiral sear h pattern from were he was lost, call and talk to him then pause to listen. Recruit people to help.

Usually they are within 3 miles, often closer, but a clipped GCC was found 4 miles away on Parrot 911

Use all the social media available, Next Door App, face book, ect we have a lost parrot section you can post on here, if members are near you they would keep an eye out

wrench13 10-10-2020 07:52 AM

Re: Lost GCC ! Need advice
Hi. Sorry to learn your lovie flew away. Did he have a harness on? What kind? If he had it on, he cannot have flown far. Lovebirds would be hindered by the length of the leash, on most commercially available harnesses, and could well be tangled in branches.

I have lost 2 parrots over my lifetime, the first I never recovered (lost in NYC) but the second time, I lost a quaker parrot, but we found him soon after. We stopped and listened for a few minutes, and we heard his call and located him a few back yards away. So when you go searching, remember to stop frequently and listen for your birds distress call or natural call.

Good Luck!

SailBoat 10-10-2020 10:56 AM

Re: Lost GCC ! Need advice

- Where in this huge World are you? That provides tons of information just in and of itself.
- What has the weather been like over the last few days. i.e. Wind direction and wind speed, dry weather, wet weather, etc...
- Did your bird eat and/or drink prior to this outing?

It is likely that your bird flew off into a breeze and likely kept moving in that direction.

Scott 10-10-2020 12:43 PM

Re: Lost GCC ! Need advice
So sorry to know Rio escaped. The links and techniques suggested by LaManuka above are helpful and have helped re-unite parrots with companions. Please do not give up, networking with as many people and agencies possible increases the odds of success.

Hannah_rio 10-10-2020 10:09 PM

Re: Lost GCC ! Need advice
Hi everyone ! yes , he had his leash on but not his harness.... the leash was attached around his foot ring .
sailboat, i will leave a picture down here of which kind of place i live ..
it has been 3 days since is lost .. the first day was dry weather , windy and breezy but sunny , second day was hot and sunny , the third day it rained , but not heavily , it was windy and then it rained . before going out, i gave him some coconut pieces and oats. then , i also took some of hhis favourite treats for him to eat while i was down as it was his first time. i will not give up finding my baby !
( sorry everyone ! can someone tell me how to attach a photo? its only saying to put the URL of the image )

LaManuka 10-10-2020 10:48 PM

Re: Lost GCC ! Need advice
Hi Hannah, here is a link about posting pictures that may help you.....

Many of us use a platform like Facebook or Imgur to store photo libraries and link pictures from there too. If however all you can do is post the url, go ahead and do that and I will see what I can do to fix it up for you!

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