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Old 12-27-2012, 10:35 PM
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Putting 2 tame lovebirds together-questions

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I recently got a baby lovebird from a breeder about 2 weeks ago. He's super tame and sweet. Wants to be loved on all the time. When we picked him up the breeder also showed us some younger babies that were in the process of being weaned. They were so cute that after talking to my husband we decided to get another one from him, and we get to pick him up this weekend. I'm really excited. This particular bird was actually housed in the same cage with my lovebird for a time, while he was learning to eat seed.

I plan on keeping them in separate cages, at least until they all bond with me. I was thinking about eventually putting them together, but I was wondering if they would bond to each other and over time stop wanting to interact with me?
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Old 12-27-2012, 11:03 PM
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Re: Putting 2 tame lovebirds together-questions

I have two pet lovebirds, one 10 years old (female) and one two years old (male). They live in separate cages. They completely loathe one another. It's quite impossible to have them out together without feathers flying. Neither shows even the slightest inclination to bond with each other. So, they both have their special time with me. I work from home, so I just bring each parrot into my office for a few hours to play on the tree there.

Now, I believe that at 8 years of age, the female, who was probably already bonded to humans, was just not receptive to making friends with the male. After repeatedly getting nipped by the female when he was a youngster, he decided that humans were a MUCH better choice. That male lovebird is the tamest, most wonderful pet I've EVER had (of any species). I'm glad they're not bonded to one another because I'd of totally missed my relationship with each of them.

Good luck with your new birds.
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Old 12-29-2012, 09:23 PM
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Re: Putting 2 tame lovebirds together-questions

as long as you continue to spend time with them and make ABSOLUTELY certain they are bonded to you closely before putting them together then no they will have a bond with each other but also still with you i have had many lovebirds over the years so i know this to be true. heres a link to a video on youtube on how to introduce them to each other if you need to know how to, there is a part one and a part two this is part one the same user made part two
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