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Old 09-11-2019, 07:29 AM
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Advice Lovebird & Parents


in January me and my partner bought 2 new lovebirds. Our birds turned out to be male and female and laid 4 eggs one which survived and now we have a beautiful young lovebird called Bobby.
Bobby was born in March so is now 6 months old.
We keep Bobby in his own cage but we have a few questions as Berty and Betty have recently shown mating behavior again and seem to be more aggressive towards Bobby.

They have always been slightly aggressive towards him in not letting him close but recently it seems to have gotten worse.

We let our lovebirds out for an hour or so at night to have a fly around the room for exercise. and because the room is large we feel Bobby is safe as he can fly away from the other two if he needs to. However he always wants to be close to them and if they are in their cage he will fly and land on the top which we are going to prevent as they try and bite his feet.

If we take Bobby in another room he shouts for them and they shout back so I think they do like each others company even though they don't always get on.

So we are just looking for if anyone has any advice in our situation. Are we doing right keeping their cages so close together? Has anyone had any similar circumstance?

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Old 09-24-2019, 08:58 AM
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Re: Advice Lovebird & Parents

Call it conditioning. Remember there’s a lot you won’t know about living in an avian flock, particularly as birds as small as lovebirds!

Parenting styles will differ vastly, but ****ty parenting is also still a potential reality. Remember, momma and poppa just had 3 miscarriages. A lovebirds heart goes deep... consider yourself on Safari, or watching a David Attenborough documentary with a case study on a particular group of Wild and Very Real beings.

Might be able to pick up some parenting tips along the way, don’t worry and just observe the trio mature
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