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Old 12-20-2019, 11:31 PM
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Re: Lovebird Wings Aren't Growing?

Quote: Originally Posted by zazuthelovebird View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by SilverSage View Post
Can you share a picture of the clipped feathers? Has she been tested for PBFD?

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Of course, sheís not very fond of hands yet so this is probably the best few I can get without stressing her out.
Also no, she hasnít been tested for PBFD.
Wow that a very bad clip?
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Old 12-21-2019, 07:55 AM
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Re: Lovebird Wings Aren't Growing?

That poor thing! Not sure when/if I’ve ever seen a clip that drastic before. They quite literally chopped off half her wing No wonder she’s so nervous around people.

I’ll be honest, I don’t think that’s going to all grow back in a few months. That’s going to take some time. I believe I’ve heard that smaller birds grow their feathers a bit faster than bigger birds, need less intact wings to sustain flight and have less feathers overall on the wing to regrow, so she may have a faster recovery to functional flight than my bird. I clip my amazon (NOT like that though!) and for him to completely regrow a “properly” light clipped wing to fully flighted would take well over a year (I’ve allowed them to grow back twice, sadly, he’s just not a safe flyer). For both wings to fully grow out takes upwards to 2 years since they molt old feathers/regrow new ones at slightly different rates on each wing and do not necessarily molt clipped feathers any more quickly than in tact feathers. I wouldn’t get your hopes up that she’ll be back to normal in a few months, but maybe after a year or so she would at least be able to do short flights or glide instead of just crashing. Hopefully by then, you’ll have been able to build some trust with her too

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Old 12-21-2019, 08:38 AM
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Re: Lovebird Wings Aren't Growing?

One- winged clips are an old-school thing that a lot of people use and they are awful. If you clip, it should be both wings and such a clip that your bird can still glide safely to the ground. I would not take her back to whoever did that.
Hopefully with time it will improve (I mean, barring any nutritional issues, it will---just may take longer than anticipated. In the meantime, be careful (you might even consider putting some padding down where she is anticipated to land).
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Old 02-29-2020, 02:09 PM
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Re: Lovebird Wings Aren't Growing?

What a beautiful bird. I feel sad for her wing. I bet you canít wait for it to grow back .

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