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Old 03-05-2020, 11:39 PM
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bird is losing feathers on neck?

Hi! I'm kind of concerned with my lovebird, but im not sure if this is just the normal molting process? Below is the best picture I have of his neck but when he stretches out its actually all around his neck and seems to be spreading upwards to his head.

A few days ago he managed to escape and had a whole fiasco before returning home, i'm concerned if its possible that he caught something? But this might've been before he escaped.

He seems to be sleeping more lately, taking a nap at around 12 pm or so while sleeping from 5:30PM-8AM

I just weighed him and he's 42 grams, he was sold to us as a year old or so, so he should be 1.5 years old right now?


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Re: bird is losing feathers on neck?

As far as I think, it's molting but since you mentioned that he sleeps more it could be sickness too, so just to be safe and for more kind of advanced opinion, go to an avian vet. If you don't have an avian vet available and if the problem increases then you may want to consider going to a normal vet who is experienced in birds.
Have you started giving him some sort of medicine lately?
Like vitamin drops?
It could be a side effect.
If your bird starts to become bald, then that is a problem, it could be caused by feather lice or mites.
Here's a link-
Sorry if you have read that already.
Please keep us advised,

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Old 12-22-2020, 12:09 PM
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Re: bird is losing feathers on neck?

I am not a lovebird expert, but TO ME, that doesn't look like a normal molt. I would get him to an avian vet if at all possible because he escaped and may have been injured or exposed to wild birds/ contagious stuff. It's possible that he was bitten by something or has some sort of disease --fungal, mites, bacterial, a yeast infection of the's hard to say. Assuming it came from his time outside, I would venture to say it is likely treatable (given the short period of time between appearance of the bald patch and potential exposure), but it probably shouldn't be ignored or put-off.

Normally, non-viral molts do no expose bald skin. Some diseases can cause really harsh molts, but this doesn't look like a molt to me at all. It looks like an injury or possible infection (bacterial, fungal, whatever) or mites etc) because it is reddish too and very localized to that patch.

I'd caution against vitamin drops unless you have a vitamin blood panel run by a vet and determine that he is deficient. Otherwise, you could overdose him on vitamins.

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CharlieChick (12-22-2020)
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Old 12-22-2020, 01:26 PM
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Re: bird is losing feathers on neck?

It looks like a wound , because looks pink and swollen. Birds can pluck and do feather destruction. But they usually dont start off with self mutilation.
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