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Levi20101 01-15-2016 12:15 PM

Hi - little bit of history- and a question
Rosco is my 7 month old Scarlet Macaw- he originally came from a back yard breeder and we do not have much info about him or the breeder - we acquired him from a young girl that only had him a week or two and decided he was now an inconvenient novelty :((
When we picked him up he was underweight and still in need of hand feeding -

We immediately took him to avian vet for a check up - ((October) He is now eating a variety of fruits veggies and seed/ pellets- he has his next appointment with vet at end of month-
We fell in love with him!!
My question is - microchip or leg band ?? is there such a thing as a gps that can be inserted or attached to him?
Thank you in advance :)

Shoegoo 01-15-2016 12:38 PM

Re: Microchipping
I have no personal experience with this product its called Snagg.

I suggest you check with your avian vet because there may be something especially for birds.

svheartsdesire 01-16-2016 06:36 AM

Re: Microchipping
My vet tells me that chips are better than chips..especially if you want to travel outside this country...if you keeps his wings clipped the GPS would not be needed

MonicaMc 01-18-2016 02:49 AM

Re: Microchipping
Even a clipped parrot, with enough adrenaline and breeze, could take off and fly.... *NEVER* rely on a clip to keep a parrot safe while outside!!!

Levi, if it's a choice between microchipping or a leg band, go with the chip! Open leg bands are not recommended because a parrot could potentially tighten them around their leg or the open slit could get caught in a toy or something else. There's debates about whether or not closed leg bands are much safer..... but closed leg bands can only be put on a bird while they are still in the nest and their bones haven't hardened yet.

SilverSage 01-18-2016 03:50 AM

Re: Microchipping
Agreed! On a bird that large I would chip! I shudder to think of an open leg and on a macaw. If you do get a band (since there is some risk involved with chipping) PLEASE go with a rolled stainless steel band, not a flat open band!!! And choose a vet who has experience applying whichever you choose, don't just have any vet doing the procedure please.

And yeah, clipping is NOT a guarantee that your bird won't fly away. I learned that at an early age when a clipped bird flew away never to be seen again. It has happened to far too many people. Clipping or not clipping is not an open and closed matter, it is complex and different for every family, but please research the implications of clipping before your bird is an expert flier. They are lifelong and not worth it. Please do the research and let your bird fully fledge before you clip if you choose to clip. Also research harnesses and recall training :)

Levi20101 01-18-2016 10:12 AM

Re: Microchipping
Yes I think your right! Thank you for your insight :) I do plan to have him out a lot in the summer and by the way he flys around the house now with clipped wings I expect a farther flight outside...

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