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coopedup 10-15-2016 11:26 PM

Re: Before Getting an Eclectus?
Im very pleased with my male ekkie. We live in condo's so noise was definately a factor in my choice of bird (immediately ruled out 'too's) as was sociability (ruled out conures and love birds). Wrangler was a rescue and had a rough go of it (4 homes in 2 months) as he made his way out of his situation, into foster, and then to me---so he was very insecure at first and was likely to scream whenever something scared him. My next door neighbor knocked on my door this week to ask if he was ok---she hadnt heard him in a while! I told her he'd been outside for 2 hours that very morning. As he acclimates, his noise level has dropped dramatically. He knows who/what belongs in his world and surrounding environs so the alarm call is rare (and yes, its piercing!) Now we mostly get chirps, grunts, growls...his form of communicating, but rarely a scream.

Does he bite? the first few weeks, yes...but that was from fear. Now he just gives me pressure as a way of saying "no, i dont want/like that" I haven't had a hard bite in ages, even when giving him his dreaded bath. He tells me he doesnt like it, but my fingers come out of it whole---and I KNOW he could do much worse. Every bird is different, but if you respect their body language and back off when they tell you "no!" you'll be fine.

Is he social? ...well, we're working on that. Generally, yes. He willingly steps up on most people---but he isnt overly fond of my husband. I dont blame Wrangler though, the animosity from my husband was palpable the first few weeks and Wrangler isnt one to forgive and forget. They will have an up hill road ahead. Because of his past, he does not like to be touched, except on the beak. He'll step up like a champ, shoulder ride...but Im just beginning to be able to sometimes touch/rub beyond the beak or cheek. Every bird is different. but in general, yes ekkies are social, even if they have their favorites.

Clean up: I change his cage paper every other day, but not daily. It doesnt smell, and it's mostly food/fruit that has dropped that Im removing to keep from attracting bugs. He can be a messy eater, the more that sticks to his beak (a good sign, that means he really likes what he's eating) the more likely he is to shake his head and send it flying. Things he doesnt like get tossed out with a growl. I resorted to putting press-n-seal (a type of cling wrap) on the wall near his bowl for easy clean up...dried veggie/chop can be a ***** to get off the wall. I move his cage and vacuum around it weekly--it's mostly dust/dander from preening, and do a monthly cage clean outside where i hose it down and clean the perches and toys. I spot clean as needed but its not really a chore--my husband is wayyyy messier! Wrangler is very fastidious in his own way. there are only two places (below favorite perches) that he really poops, and i make sure there is nothing below those areas so im just cleaning off dried food mostly. I change his water 2x a day...i DONT fill it up, I only put about 1/4 of the way full, he is a dunker, so it's easier to change if it's not full. They get most of their water/hydration from food anyway so it's not like a dog/cat where you have to provide ample amounts. I replace his food bowl daily, and his water bowl 2-3x/week.

I hope this helps...welcome to the forum!

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