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Pertalote 10-20-2018 09:17 AM

New Lovebird owner
Hi. I am an elementary school teacher in PA. I raise white racing homers and fancy pigeons for many years. I also have several breeds of fancy chickens on my place.
I bought my Lovebird at a flea market this past summer. She is a young (born in May) yellow Peachface. Have not had many sources of good information before now. Am considering getting her a friend.

SilverSage 10-20-2018 09:34 AM

Re: New Lovebird owner

We are so excited to have you!
What kind of relationship do you want with her? In general parrot terms it can be good or bad to get a second bird (I personally usually promote multi-bird homes) but in LOVEBIRD specific situations I NEVER recommend a second bird unless you donít ever want to handle the bird again. Lovebirds can be great pets but almost never if they have a mate, even a same-sex mate. They can become absolutely vicious. Also, female lovebirds are insatiable nesters and adding a second bird can really trigger those breeding hormones and actually endanger her health and even her life.

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Flboy 10-20-2018 10:35 AM

Re: New Lovebird owner
Welcome to you!

Pertalote 10-20-2018 11:41 AM

Re: New Lovebird owner
Thank you for your response, SilverSage. This issue about getting another bird is exactly what is driving me crazy. Maybe you can help me decide.

Our relationship: She recognizes me, and maybe she trusts me a little. Just this morning I managed to coax her out of her coconut shell and come over to the side of the cage to take some bites of apple through the bars. That is about it.

I am OK with the way things are. She is so amusing and adorable to watch. It does bother me a little to have a pet that I can't handle without being bitten. I am also wondering about her happiness. She could live a long time, and will she be ok to just live alone in a cage? Would having a mate (or a girlfriend) make her happier?

GaleriaGila 10-20-2018 06:36 PM

Re: New Lovebird owner
Since you're new to parrots, may I offer some basics?


Here's some reading on bonding for you.
General Parrot Information - Parrot Forum - Parrot Owner's Community

Most of us swear by our avian vets in the event of health concerns. I don't know where you are, but here are some links. I only have USA info...
Certified Avian Vets
If none are near you...
Avian Veterinarians
In my opinion, any of the vets listed here should be better than a regular vet.

What's the diet? That's critical for health. Too many are kept on seeds or other poor-nutrition things. They need veggies, legumes, grains... pellets are a good staple. Here's what I use.
Harrison's Bird Foods
I feed Harrison's, supplemented by fresh healthy treats. My first, and later, my current avian vet recommended it. My bird loves the pellets now, but to get him converted, my avian vet suggested putting pellets out all day, and putting seeds (his old diet) out for two 15-minute periods a day. That would sustain him but leave him hungry enough to try new stuff. I presume the same technique could be used to get him to eat other healthy stuff, like fruits and vegetables! My guy was eating pellets in a couple of days, and now I can feed a good variety of other stuff, knowing he has the pellets as a basic. Pellets are out all day... fresh treats a few times a day. I also like Harrison's via mail because I never have to worry about out-of-date products.

Since you're a new parront, I'll just drop a note about avoiding teflon pans, which are lethal to birds if even slightly overheated.


I'm glad you're here. Lots to learn and share and enjoy!

Scott 10-20-2018 11:17 PM

Re: New Lovebird owner
Welcome to the forums, thanks for joining!!

ChristaNL 10-21-2018 02:50 AM

Re: New Lovebird owner
Hi and welcome,

so...your bird is already in a nest?
That will earn you some points of critique here ;) (don't worrie, we mean well) : allthough it makes the birds happy it also encourages 'nesitng'behaviour.
Not only does it brings out the protective-territorium-defensiveness (aka agression) out a bit but it might encourage her to lay eggs.
Egglaying can get a bird in some serious trouble (well you have a lot of birds, so know about that already/ eggbound birds are no fun).

Female lovebirds are (generally speaking, there are NO absolutes in the parrotworld) not really sociably inclined (aka raving maniacs most of the time) - pairing them up same sex or otherwise is usually not an easy process, and people who try end up with heaps of those little birds, some matched and happy, others single and happy and a few are frustrated either way.

There is this saying floating around the forum: Never buy a bird for you bird!
Onle even buy a second bird because you want one, and be prepared for seperate cages, playtime even rooms if need be.

Not all humans get along, neither do parrots.
(its one of those bacic desingflaws? ;) )

oh...this was me talking way to much! (sorry)

Come on in, have fun!

EllenD 10-21-2018 09:16 AM

Re: New Lovebird owner
Hi Pertalote, welcome to our Community!!!

It's good to have another fellow PA member here! I live in State College now, and am from this area originally, about 20 minutes west of here in a tiny little town that you've never heard of I'm sure...My mom was the elementary art teacher in my school district for about 30 years, so I understand how important what you do is, and I thank you for doing it. I got the best K-12 education in an extremely small, public school district that anyone could get, and I'd not change a thing about it, and wish that our public school system was better supported and funded, as it's so very important...

Regarding your Love Bird, I understand exactly what you mean when you say that you wish you had a closer relationship with her (have you had her DNA-tested to be sure of her gender?), but have you actually attempted to hand-tame her?

***Something that you may or may not realize is that it's not ever too late to start hand-taming your bird!!! You've had her now for a few months, and it sounds like she is starting to trust you, which is always step #1, earning the bird's trust...But if you really want to closely-bond with her and develop the type of relationship with her where you can handle her, pet her, have her want to be scratched and petted, have her fly over to you and sit with you/on you, it's important to know that this is totally possible if you're committed to it...

Parrots are very intelligent, and they never stop learning. They are also "flock" animals, meaning that they want to bond closely with someone, whether that be another bird, another species of animal, or a person. Your Love Bird does not need another bird as long as YOU are her "flock"!

***The first rule of owning a bird, or what should be the first rule, is "NEVER buy a second bird for your first bird!!!!". This is extremely important for you to remember, because I'll say 80% of the time when someone starts to think that their sole parrot is "lonely", or that they "need a friend", and they make the decision to go out and bring home a second bird to be their current bird's "friend" or "flockmate", the end result is that that person now has two birds that THEY must be flockmates with, because they don't get along at all, and in a lot of cases they can't even have their cages in the same room, or be allowed out of their cages at the same time because they become extremely aggressive and fight/hurt each other...or worse.

Birds/Parrots form relationships with other birds in exactly the same way that we as people do!!! Birds are not like other "pets" or "animals"; they are not at all like having a dog or a cat, and as such you cannot just go out and buy another bird/parrot, bring it home, and expect your now two birds to get along or even want anything to do with each other. And this is regardless of whatever species or gender of bird you bring home as a friend for your bird. It could be another Love Bird, it could be some species of Conure or a Cockatiel, it could be a huge Macaw or a Cockatoo, or it could be a Dove or a Pigeon; we have no idea how they are going to react with each other, and actually we usually won'g be able to tell until some time has passed and they have been exposed to each other for some time (although in a lot of cases where they absolutely hate each other right off the bat, we know pretty directly, lol). Bottom-line is that unless YOU want a second bird to be YOUR companion, and unless YOU are totally prepared to have two birds that you are totally responsible for and are committed to being their only flockmate, then you should never bring home another bird for your first bird! They may love each other, bond closely, and if opposite genders they may eventually start mating; they may like each other and be friendly with each other, but not to the point of eventually mating if the opposite sex; they may not really like each other much at all, but are willing to "tolerate" each other being YOUR flockmate; they may really dislike each other and not want anything to do with each other, to the point where they get vocal and nippy with each other when they are around each other; they may absolutely hate each other and not want anything to do with each other, to the point that when they are allowed to be together they fight; and they may hate each other so much or there may be such a natural opposition to each other that they literally attack each other violently to the point where they will injure or kill one another...Those are the options, along with anything in-between.

Also, as already mentioned above, if you bring home another bird and they do bond closely with one another, the typical end-result to this is that neither bird will want anything to do with you at all anymore, and you will lose all connection to your current Love Bird. The reason for this is simple and logical: They'd rather be bonded-closely with one of their own species rather than a person. That's it. Right now there is no other bird available for your Love Bird to bond with, and because she naturally craves companionship and a "flock", you are going to be her choice of mate...

***I would say that instead of getting another Love Bird, based on the type of relationship you desire to have with your bird, that you should start working with her every single day, earning her trust, training her, and forming a very close bond with her that will eventually result in her being closely-bonded with you, and wanting to be with you, sit with you, step-up for you, want scratches and pets, etc. You mentioned that she's been taking food from your hand through the cage bars...that's step #1. You have to commit to working with her every single day, putting her cage in whatever room of your house that you spend most of your time when you're home, because just having her be in the same room as you whenever you're home helps her tremendously as far as feeling safe, secure, and comfortable with you (passive training/taming), and remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint, keep your patience and don't become frustrated, as hand-taming a non-tame parrot can take months to years, but is always possible...

clark_conure 10-21-2018 09:21 AM

Re: New Lovebird owner
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I thought this was kidding but, well it seems to be true but granted a good reason!

Hope you smiled!


brighterdaysaviary 10-21-2018 10:00 PM

Re: New Lovebird owner
Welcome to the forum! If your Lovebird is handfed and hand tamed then there shouldn't be a problem (when it comes to bonding and introducing) another handfed and hand tamed Lovebirds.

All my Lovebirds have cage mates, they were all handfed and hand tamed (by me), and it has been two years plus and they still love and adore me and want to be with me all the time.

I would like to say though since you say she isn't fully tame, would you like her to be fully tamed? If you do then maybe hold off on getting her a friend because since she isn't hand tame she will naturally gravitate to another Lovebird instead of you. But you will need to spend at least 2+ hours with her one on one every day if you decide to not get a friend (honestly regardless or having one or two birds you will need to spend time with them daily and let them out of their cage daily)

If you are okay with your bird remaining untamed then I would get her a friend because they need company of another Lovebird.

But getting your bird a friend can work to tame her if you get a handfed handtame Lovebird that is used to human interaction. Your lovebird can see the new lovebird interact with you and since lovebirds are flock birds they will want to be with other lovebirds and also will learn from the new lovebird that your nice and good to be around.

It is unknown what will happen (whether getting a friend will be beneficial to your relationship or 'detrimental'), all the roll of the dice honestly.

But generally, I do think the smaller birds need to have a friend or cagemate that is another bird preferably the same species.

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