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RavensGryf 03-12-2019 01:22 AM

Facebook help!
I accidentally clicked something on my iPad and changed the language. I was looking how to change back to English, when it got stuck on this page. Now I have 2 problems... I need to get out of this page in the pic, and change the language. Can anyone help? I really hate Facebook and rarely post anything to my page, but I use it for various groups out there. Now I can’t access anything! :confused:

charmedbyekkie 03-12-2019 01:27 AM

Re: Facebook help!
You're going to have to log in to change the language typically.

Log in
Click on the little down triangle icon furthest to the right on the header
Click on the second to last word
Of the four groups on the left hand navigation, go to the second group and click the bottom most word (the icon should look like A文)
Go to the top row and click the right most blue word
Go into the dropdown and select English again :)

charmedbyekkie 03-12-2019 01:38 AM

Re: Facebook help!
Alternatively use Google Translate from Portuguese (looks kinda like Portuguese, but I never studied the language) to English, then you can navigate safely to get to the language settings.

Scott 03-12-2019 01:48 AM

Re: Facebook help!
I have no clue Julie, but seems charmedbyekkie has the solution!

RavensGryf 03-12-2019 02:30 PM

Re: Facebook help!
Thank you! I’m logged in again, but I’m so unfamiliar with logging in that I didn’t even recognize the log in screen! I’ve always stayed logged in before. Had to try a few times to remember password lol.

Will work on the language part when I get another moment. This is so ridiculous haha.

RavensGryf 03-12-2019 10:38 PM

Re: Facebook help!
Finally... I found where you change the language in the lower right corner!

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