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Old 12-31-2018, 11:58 AM
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Re: Any Pigeon Keepers?

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SilverSage's bird is definitely a Diamond Dove, I just saw a whole cage full of them at Petco yesterday when I went to get food (along with a lone baby Sun Conure who was just a sweetheart and was showing-off for me, I had to run away before i asked to see him..although they want $649 for him!!! That's enough to keep me from bringing him home, they're nuts! They also had 3 beautiful baby pearl Cockatiels, but they want $269 for them!!! I hope people look at hand-raised breeder prices before paying those, poor birds will be there forever)...But the Diamond Doves were absolutely adorable little guys, and yes, they're about the size of a Budgie. Diamond Doves are very distinguishable because of the orange ring around their eyes. Bar-Shouldered Doves look a bit similar in their markings, but their faces and their eyes are different...

This thing about Doves/Pigeons not playing with toys is interesting, I Googled it after seeing a bunch of people mention it here, and I guess it isn't at all normal for them to play with toys; they love to forage, especially species of "Ground" Doves/Pigeons, but apparently as a rule they don't "play" or even bother with toys...Lol, I had no idea and didn't know any better! When I first brought Dylan home he was half the size he is now, I think he was actually a lot younger than what they told me, which was 4 months-old, because the reason we were at this pet shop in the first place was because we were tipped-off about how filthy their bird's cages were, and how they had far too many birds in one cage and they were hurting each other because of it, they often didn't have any food or water, etc., which was odd and I didn't believe until I actually went there and saw it, because this pet shop is massive, the largest in central PA, and has a very good reputation...but their "bird room" was horrid. So when I decided to bring Dylan home (he was being literally picked-apart by the other 10 or so Ringneck Doves in the tiny cage with him that were also adults while he was a tiny baby) I just ran to Petco and bought Dove/Pigeon seed-mix, a bag of Egg-Food, a big container of Grit and Oyster Shell, all kinds of different perches, a swing, and then I was like "Wonder what toys Dove's like?"...So I bought like 5 or 6 different smaller toys to see what he would like...

I put his cage together in an extra-large dog crate that I already had at the time, and figured I would order him a new cage once I did some research on what dimensions/sizes/types of cages were best for Doves/Pigeons...I also ran to Tractor Supply and bought him the small-size of water container for chickens/ducks with the container that screws into the base/reservoir because that's what they were using for both their food and water in the pet store, so I figured that was what he was used to. And as far as using that as his water container, it's fantastic. They're cheap at any Tractor Supply and it's extremely easy for them to just bend over and drink from, as already mentioned Doves/Pigeons use their bills like a straw, so that kind of water container works great, plus he can't poop in it...Then I found out that a lot of people use large dog-crates as their cages, so I just kept it.

As far as the toys go, he started playing/"beaking" the 2 cheap, plastic Budgie toys and didn't touch the other ones, which were your typical hanging parrot toys made of blocks and paper/cardboard...I never even considered that he can't "chew" on wood, lol...But once he figured out that the hanging string of plastic balls had a bell on it's end and he could make noise by "beaking" it, he started banging the hell out of it! The other one he loves probably more than the balls with the bell is another plastic toy that looks like a windmill with 2 bells hanging from it and he makes it spin around and the bells ring. He absolutely LOVES that thing, and he'll sit for an hour or longer on the perch next to it and continually poke it over and over again with his beak, making it spin around and around and the bells ring (he still can't spin it around very well, he just keeps banging it until it moves, lol)...He also has the string of plastic rings with a bell on the end, and that one he occasionally plays with by putting his foot on the bottom ring and shaking it, it's weird what he does with that one...My mom bought him a little plastic Ferris-Wheel that has cups that you put seeds in and it spins around for Christmas...It's sitting on the bottom of his cage, he's not quite sure what to do with it yet, I keep showing him but he just looks at it then looks at me and then walks away, lol...

I also bought a new box of "Shredders" for Kane for Christmas, who absolutely loves that stuff more than anything in the world, I string it all throughout the bars of his cage and he'll spend the entire day ripping it, pulling it through the bars, shredding the crap out of it, I swear when I unwrapped it for him on Christmas he smiled, lol...So I think I'm going to weave some of the Shredders through Dylan's cage bars to see if he'd like to pick/poke at it like a foraging type of activity...They are limited in what they can do/play with, but if you want to try out a first toy for your Dove/Pigeon I highly suggest any of the cheap, plastic Budgie toys that have a bell/make noise/spin around, and show them how it works and how to make the bell make noise, because Dylan is captivated by those bells ringing...

And if you are looking for a really great "shredding" activity for your parrots, I highly suggest picking-up a package of Shredders from Petco, because all of my guys absolutely LOVE the stuff, and you can weave it all throughout their cage-bars, and they will spend HOURS AND HOURS trying to unweave the stuff, rip it apart, trying to unweave the actual individual separate pieces that are weaved together, etc. And you get 30 feet of the stuff for I think $4.50, close to that, at Petco. It's hanging with the other bird toys and it's a winner, that's for sure. I like to hang/weave fresh Shredders throughout all of their cage-bars in the mornings right before I leave for work so that they will work on it all day long while I'm gone. In fact, I might make a post about the Shredders in the Toy forum, that's how much I love that stuff...
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Old 12-31-2018, 02:21 PM
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Re: Any Pigeon Keepers?

That’s insane! I got mine at petsmart for $35!

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I don't like to think about where I would be if that little budgie had never fluttered into my life.
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Old 12-31-2018, 09:02 PM
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Re: Any Pigeon Keepers?

Quote: Originally Posted by SilverSage View Post

I’ll try to get a better picture; she is about the size of a budgie.

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Ah, well then she's a Diamond Dove. In the picture, her shoulder patterning looks more like a Bar-shouldered Dove. Now I've thought about it, the BSDs have a bronze collar on the backs of their necks so no, she's not one of those.
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